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  • Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Car Paint

    Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Car Paint

    There are very few things that actually hold the capacity to lower the value of your car as compared to scratches and rust. Even if your car’s shape, speed, and mechanical parts are excellent, you will always feel less than a hero while driving your rusty and scratchy car around. Besides that, it will also fail to generate some handsome bucks when you are trying […]

  • Seasonal Driving Advice for New Car Owners

    Seasonal Driving Advice for New Car Owners

    Just bought your first car? Don’t worry–it’s normal for it to be daunting. There are so many considerations and a fairly steep learning curve to car ownership. It’s not even about the driving side of things either, but the ownership of your car and the maintenance you need to perform on your vehicle. One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re […]

  • How to Make Your Old Car Feel Like New

    How to Make Your Old Car Feel Like New

    We can love our old cars, but it’s hard not sometimes to feel a pang of jealousy when we see all those shiny modern vehicles zipping past us. Oh, all the cool features those cars must have! However, don’t start looking at new cars just yet, because there’s life in your old car yet. In fact, all you need to do is take a few […]

  • What Affects Car Insurance Rates?

    What Affects Car Insurance Rates?

    Photo Credit There is a whole host of factors out there that affect your car insurance rates. Having more information about all of them can help you out so you understand better how you can control and reduce your costs. After all, no one wants to pay more than they need to. With this in mind, in this article, we will look in closer detail […]

  • 5 Legal Ways Drive A Car You Don’t Own

    5 Legal Ways Drive A Car You Don’t Own

    Buying a car can lead to a huge headache. Finance agreements, deposits, credit checks and part exchanges take a long time and don’t always work out. You might trawl dozens of dealerships trying to negotiate a price and a vehicle package that suits you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re willing to buy a used car or not. Of course, owning a vehicle is no picnic […]

  • Important Things to Consider While Buying Used Cars

    Important Things to Consider While Buying Used Cars

    Buying a second-hand vehicle is a great option if you are a rookie driver and have only recently learned driving. It will help you gain the confidence required to navigate through different road conditions before you begin driving a new car. Not to mention, the used cars are much affordable to purchase. Albeit, the second-hand cars can also have a few downsides like for instance, […]

  • Car Ownership: All The costs Exposed

    Car Ownership: All The costs Exposed

    Learning to drive can be so exciting, don’t you think? The idea of being out on the open road. Getting from A to B with no issues of transport, or changing from buses to trains, etc. However, the reality of car ownership can be slightly different when it comes to it. There is much we need to consider from actually buying a car to keeping […]