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With online guides and easy online ordering, it pays to do more of the work on a car yourself. You can even have the parts delivered to your door.

1. Change The Brake Pads

Time: Two Hours

Most of your time will be spent securing the car with a lift and a jack. Jack stands and other safety devices should be employed. Then it is actually easy to remove the old pads by loosening the bolts. You can add the new pads and feel good knowing that you saved hundreds of dollars.

2 .Change the Muffler

Time: Two Hours or Less

You’ll need to get under the car so you may want to raise it a bit, but some people do it with the car’s wheels still on the ground. You’ll need a screwdriver to take off the old one’s bolts and hanger. Replacing it is really quite easy and rewarding.

3. Change The Battery

Time: Hour or Less

The main point to remember, since this is electricity, is to remove the negative terminal before removing the positive one. Battery tabs or tie-downs will need to be loosened or removed to take it out. Pay close attention so you can use these tie-downs when you put the new battery in. Remember to hook the negative charge before hooking the positive one as you reinstall.

4. Change the Oil

Time: Hour Plus Clean-up

Get at least five quarts of good quality oil that is the right weight for your car’s engine. Then make sure to have a deep enough pan to catch the old oil. You can remove the drain plug and drain the old oil away. Replace the oil filter and add the needed oil. Be sure to find a place to recycle the old engine oil.

5. Change the Spark Plugs

Time: Fifteen Minutes or Less

Some professional do-it-yourselfers recommend never changing more than one at a time so that you don’t accidentally attach the wires in the wrong order.

6. Change the Wipers

Time: Five Minutes

Don’t pay your oil change place big bucks to change the wipers. Order a pair and do it yourself. The hooks are easy to manage. If you aren’t feeling it, then check the car’s manual for the how-to.

7. Change Your Own Lightbulbs

Time: 30 Minutes Max

This may seem odd, but many people pay for the privilege of having a lightbulb changed. Some vehicles have several layers that may have to be removed to get there. You may need to remove an assembly or even a bumper, but you can do it with tools like a socket set. This also applies to cracked headlight covers. Why not order the parts and do the work yourself?

8. Change the Air Filter

Time: Five Minutes Max

Order an air filter for your car. In fact, always stay one air filter ahead. Then when the time comes, it is easy to unclasp the plastic box that houses the filter. You can slip one out and put the new one in. While you are at it, you may want to change the air filter for your air conditioning system. Many modern cars have this feature.

9. Check Your Fuses First

Time: Five Minutes Max

Is something electric acting up? You should check your fuses to see if one is blown. You can order fuses and have them on hand for the occasion. This is often the problem with interior lights. It may not be the lighbulb. It may be the fuse.

10. Manage Your Tires

Time: Five Minutes to An Hour

Keep a tire plug kit on hand for that inevitable nail in the tire. If you want new tires, consider buying them online and then replacing them yourself. This takes a jack and some time, but it will save hundreds over a shop. You can rotate your tires yourself once you get the hang of changing them.

When you are ready to save some money by doing it yourself, site like GMPartsNow even has Chevrolet parts you can get parts online. You can look up the parts you need and get expert help if you are uncertain about which items will help you do a certain job.


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