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Causing and/or getting into car accidents seems to be a trend among celebrities. You’d think with all of that money they would just hire someone to drive them around, right? Wrong. Here are 10 celebrities that have caused notable incidents behind the wheel.

Ian Wright

Though he isn’t as well-known in America, Ian Wright is a big name in British soccer. In 2004, he totaled his Ferrari 360 Spyder after (supposedly) turning off his traction control to downshift up a hill. In an interview with Top Gear, though, Wright seemed to take it all in stride.  What’s a few hundred thousand dollars anyway?

Kelsey Grammar

At the height of his Frasier fame, Grammar got behind the wheel of his Dodge Viper (a gift from NBC) and managed to flip it in the California hills. He’s since got some help for his drinking, but no word if he’s learned how to handle the raw power of an American muscle car.

Paris Hilton

Though her Pink Bentley may be a crime against fashion, it’s really her Range Rover you have to watch out for. Paparazzi captured footage of Hilton backing into a parked Honda Civic and driving away as though she didn’t even notice.

Britney Spears

While the total damage Britney’s done by vehicle is minimal compared to others on this list, she’s been seen driving with her baby on her lap, and putting that same baby in a car seat facing the wrong way. Add to that a number of dings, bumps, and scrapes, and it’s pretty clear you’d be better off letting the pop star sit shotgun.

Cristiano Ronaldo

What is it with soccer players? Ronaldo, known as much for his looks and his hair as for his moves on the field, totaled his 599 in a Manchester tunnel on the way to practice. Wrecking the $200,000 car made him nearly uninsurable, but the soccer business must be good: his latest purchase is a new Aventador.

George Lucas

George Lucas is known as the mastermind behind the Star Wars series, but when he got behind the wheel at a celebrity race in 2007 it was obvious that he ought to keep his day job. Already showing frontal damage, near the end of the race he tried to make a risky pass and ended up crushed against the pylons.

Eddie Griffin

Unlike many in this list, there were a lot of eyes on Eddie Griffin when he smashed a Ferrari Enzo back in 2007. Even worse, the car wasn’t even his and the drive was intended as a promo for the movie Redline. Hey, any publicity is good publicity, right? Right?

Nick Bollea

Best known as the son of Hulk Hogan, Bollea was arrested in 2007 for racing (and crashing) his yellow Toyota Supra. He managed to walk away unscathed but, unfortunately, his passenger was not quite as lucky and ended up in the hospital for two years.

Billy Joel

While most of the cars on this list are speed-demons, Joel earned particular notoriety for crashing a Citroen 2CV, basically a slower version of a Volkswagen Beetle. It wasn’t his first crash either, racking up car crashes in 2002 and 2003 and a pretty serious motorcycle incidence back in 1983.

Lindsay Lohan

Driving her 911 into the back of an 18-wheeler in 2012 would have been bad enough to earn her a spot on this list, but with a record of infractions dating back to a 2007 DUI, Lindsay might be better off taking a taxi.

Word of advice: if you see any of these stars on the road, it’s best to steer clear — literally.

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