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Chevrolet Corvette is remarkably amazing looking sports car, but most of the reviewers are not happy with overall performance and feel. However, it is admirable car that will surely improve its quality for 2013.

Chevrolet Corvette is strikingly appealing car by the looks keeping the iconic American muscle car equity. It features decent number of luxury kit as standard. Our review is based on analysis of various published car review online and data available on car magazines. Reviewers are not happy with the performance, drive and the build quality. It will cost you a fortune to buy and run the Chevy Corvette. However, our verdict praises the looks and comfort inside the Chevy that depicts late 90’s sports car.

It is recommended based on your personal preference to buy a sports car because you can find better vehicles for similar money. Both the trims of Chevy Corvette come with a 6.2 litre V8 engine, which produces 424bhp. Acceleration is acceptable and takes you to 0-60mph in just around 4 seconds. However, acceleration isn’t the quickest as the power and price of the car suggests. You need to push the car hard to get the most out of the engines. Corvette is available in six different models Corvette Coupe, Corvette Grand Sport Coupe, Corvette Grand Sport Convertible, Corvette 427, Corvette Z06 and Corvette ZR1. Bauer Millett are the authorized dealers for Corvette in UK.

Chevrolet Corvette Price

Convertible 6.2 V8 Grand Sport 2door                                                    £73,228

Power & Performance

The Corvette does not focus on refinement, which is quiet disappointing. The engines are designed to produce good roar that will make you feel good. However, the engine noise produces vibration and hard gearshift. There is plenty of road noise on the motorway, but it can be bearable with the ride. Corvette offers below par ride and handling on the road that disappoint reviewers. Test drivers state that ride is jerky and crashy, and the handling lacks neatness. The Grand Sport has hard suspension that does no good.

Corvette costs are as higher as supercars and V8 engines consume fortune worth of fuel with high CO2 emissions. It will cost you a great deal of money on bills for insurance.

Interior & Exterior

Corvette comes with electronic adjustable seats that will help you set your seating position comfortably. However, if you adjust the seat to lower setting, you will the car floor due to thin bolstered seats. The steering wheel has limited adjustment option and rear view visibility is below par. The dash is simple and acceptable, but you need to learn the infotainment system.

Corvette has only two seats considering its large size, the cabin feels a bit strangled. The boot is small, but it is above average considering other vehicles. You will hardly find spaces to store small stuff for daily usage. Corvette is loaded with high end kits like climate control, leather seats, keyless go and xenon headlamps. The Grand Sport model has upgraded brakes.

Safety & Reliability

You will hardly found any Corvette in the UK, so it is hard to find reliability data. Car experts do not praise the quality of the car. The rear bumper is made of poor materials that you can press with your fingers. The inside cabin feels very cheap and it sounds with every bump on the road.

All the Chevy Corvettes comes with standard safety features like driver aids, stability controls, and four airbags. There is no EuroNCAP crash test data available for the vehicle.

eBest Cars Verdict

It is no doubt a good looking American muscle sports car, but it is not up to the standards. There are many rivals in the same price range offering much more features. However, Chevrolet Corvette is one of those cars that everyone wants to own. We also recommend looking at American muscle car before going anywhere else.

Chevrolet Corvette Pictures

Chevrolet Corvette is remarkably amazing looking sports car, but most of the reviewers are not happy with overall performance and feel. However, it is admirable car that will surely improve its quality for 2013.

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