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Ford Fiesta

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The new Ford Fiesta is one of the most versatile and popular cars on the market. But, should you buy it? To help you make up your mind, here are five reasons to love the new Ford Fiesta:

It’s Quick!

What I love about this car is that it’s surprisingly quick. Let’s just put this out there right away, it’s no Ferrari. This isn’t some super fast sports car that will have you grabbing the wheel and screaming every time you put your foot down. But, regarding compact cars, it’s one of the quickest out there. And, if you do want to take things up a notch, you can. There’s a sporty version of this car that adds some extra bhp and gets that engine revving even louder. If you’re in a rush, then this car can get you to your destination quickly, without any fuss at all.

It Looks Great!

Fiestas have been around for decades and are a very common car. I love to have a look back at previous generations and see how far the design has come. In my eyes, it’s one of the prettiest cars on the market today. In fact, I find it hilarious to look at the first Ford Fiesta and compare it to the one now. As pictured here http://www.ford-fiesta.info/ it’s very different to the current model. This new model is a lot more curved and stylish. I think that the front grill is very Aston Martinesque as well. It’s a car that will turn heads, for all the right reasons.

The Price!

The standout feature of the Ford Fiesta has to be its price. For years, the Fiesta has been an affordable car for typical everyday people. You didn’t have to earn big bucks to get your hands on one of these bad boys. A quick look on http://www.tch.co.uk/ shows you can buy a brand new one from below £9,000. That’s a steal for a new car with so much cool stuff to offer. Of course, you can probably get your hands on some used versions of the latest model. This will knock the price down even more for you!


(Source: https://goo.gl/A8iK6Z)

Packed Full Of Tech

Another key feature of this car is the amount of tech inside it. And it’s not just flashy tech too, it’s stuff that improves the car. Technology to help improve steering and a whole host of safety features too. The new Ford Fiesta is definitely a modern car, and you’ll notice the benefits of all this cool technology too.

It’s A Great Family Car!

Another reason to love this vehicle is because it’s great for families. The new Ford Fiesta has all the things you look for in a family car. It’s spacious, affordable, and safe. There’s easily enough room in the car to fit a four-person family. In fact, you can probably squeeze a fifth person in there too, without having much trouble. Boot space is decent and will easily be able to contain a week’s worth of shopping from Tesco.


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