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It was the era when the auto industry was seriously affected due to oil crisis in 1973 because of Arab embargo. We managed to research on some of the stars from 1973 that we can say were the best in that era. 1973 was a tough time for every auto maker in UK and USA because of the rising tensions in Middle East.

Japanese auto manufacturers took the advantage of the situation and introduced efficient cars that American and British cars did not meet. However, the stars of 1973 are still remembered, loved and applauded. After the list of top 10 British Classic Cars, we found some of the classics from 1973.

Ferrari GT4

Ferrari GT4 208 and 308 were mid-engine V8 sports cars introduced by Ferrari in 1973 and later added 208 in 1975. These were sold with Ferrari Dino badge instead of Ferrari logo on the car. Ferrari GT4 308 was a successful model by Ferrari in different ways. It was the first Ferrari to have mid-engine V8 and Bertone body work. It was first introduced in Paris Motor Show 1973 having unique styling that was criticized by the journalist. The Dino badge was replaced by Ferrari horse badge in 1976. The British version 3.0 litre V8 engine was powerful and thrilling producing 250bhp.

Ferrari GT4 308, 208 1973

De Tomaso Pantera

Not many of us recognize the name, it was a sports car produced by De Tomaso Auto Company in Italy during 1971 to 1991. The word Pantera is an Italian word meaning a “Panther” and De Tomaso Pantera lived up to the name. It was designed by an American designer and the car was based on steel monocoque design. It was equipped with standard quality features that were appreciated by every Pantera lover. The first Pantera boasts powerful 5.8 litre V8 engine producing 330bhp.

De Tomaso Pantera 1973 sports car

Jaguar XJ6 4.2

The Jaguar XJ badge is recognized as a symbol of performance and luxury altogether. The Series was introduced during 1968-1973. The car was also marketed under Daimler brand for people with higher income named Daimler Sovereign. More than 59,000 cars were produced and all were highly regarded by the consumers. Later, Jaguar introduced Series 2 and series 3 and the XJ Coupe models.

Jaguar XJ6 4.2 litre 1973

BMW E12 – 520

It was the first series to have the name “5 Series” by BMW during 1972-1981. BMW E12-5 Series was available with variety of engines and about 700,000 cars were built during the period of 1972-81. The famous was BMW 520 with 2.0 litre engine. The design of the car was by Bertone and it was a first smaller BMW after E3. The car was a success for BMW and it was mass produced to be available in different countries.

BMW e12 5 series 520 1973

Mercedes SEL

Production of new S Class Mercedes was begun in 1966, these were the first to have Mercedes Corporate styling. At the end of 1972, Mercedes added the 450SEL having longer body and powerful 4.5 litre V8 engines. The SEL model was highly appreciated that it received the European Car of The Year in 1974. There were near 60,000 units were produced for 450SEL during 1973-1980. In 1975, Mercedes added 450SEL 6.9 to the production line. You may have seen some of the Mercedes SEL450’s in movies from 1973 to 1990.

Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 1973

Triumph Dolomite Sprint

When we talk about 70’s era we cannot forget the famous small sedan Triumph Dolomite manufactured by Triumph Motor Company. Due to high competition from BMW 2002, Triumph introduced Dolomite Sprint, which was faster than Dolomite. Dolomite Sprint was engineered by Spen King featuring 16 valve engine using camshaft instead of DOHC. It produced 127bhp, which was faster than smaller 1850cc versions. It was targeted to produce 150bhp, but it never reached that performance.

Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1973

Alfa Romeo Alfetta

It was an executive Saloon produced during 1973-1987 by Italian car maker Alfa Romeo. It was highly regarded as light weight and having powerful engines. The body was designed by Centro Stile introducing a new layout design. The Alfetta was introduced with two powerful engines 1.6 litre and 1.8 lire.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1973

Ford Escort RS2000

Ford Escort was a small family car manufactured by Ford of Britain during 1968-2000. The RS2000 was more performance oriented version featuring 2.0 litre Pinto engine. It also helped Ford to win some rallies at that time. It was a fast paced car loved by many car enthusiasts at that time. It has many rally victories under its name. The Rs1600, Rs1800 and RS2000 are still in high demand by classic car lovers.

ford escort rs1600 and rs200 1973

What is your best classic car from 1973? Share your experiences in comments.

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