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The new Acura TSX sport wagon is a perfect car with Acura TSX soul. Our review is based on analysis of various published reviews and data available on Acura official website.  This review is a short over view of Acura TSX sport wagon because there is no test drive data available at the moment. However, Acura TSX sport wagon is a perfect vehicle for all your needs. For 2011 Acura has added a new lineup in TSX the sport wagon it will appeal to those people who are looking for sport utility.

Acura TSX sport wagon 2011

We have reviewed the Acura TSX separately because the sport wagon is different than Acura TSx, although both the models share the same platform. The sport wagon is very famous in Europe, according to New York Times “It is a hit in Europe”. Now the Acura TSX sport wagon will also be available in United States.  There is no price information available for Acura TSX sport wagon at this point. Acura TSX sport wagon is a luxurious sports utility, or you can say it is an all-rounder car. It provides huge cargo space, sporty performance, sedan like handling and driving. It is almost the same Acura TSX with all the interior features.

Test drivers are waiting to get their hands on the Acura TSX sport wagon. Acura TSX sport wagon has the less powerful four cylinder engine, but we cannot predict the performance offered by Acura new vehicle. Acura TSX sport wagon is a perfect car for small families who want luxury sport utility. At the moment, we cannot compare the Aura TSX sport wagon with small upscale cars. The exact pricing for Aura TSX sport wagon is not available, but it will be priced around $30,000 because wagons are usually expensive than sedan vehicles. You can also select between automatic and manual transmission.

Acura TSX sport wagon 2011

Acura TSX Sport Wagon Price;

Average Paid: N/A, MSRP: N/A, Invoice: N/A (Coming Soon)

Acura TSX Sport Wagon Ratings;

Acura TSX SW Performance: 3.9 (Average)

Acura TSX SW Interior: 4.0 (Good)

Acura TSX SW Exterior: 4.1 (Good)

Acura TSX SW Safety: 4.8 (Very Good)

Acura TSX SW Reliability: 3.8 (Average)

Power & Performance

If we consider the Acura TSX, then it will lose points in performance. Especially, when you opt for a four cylinder engine, but the V6 engine is something to talk about (present in Acura TSX only). The best alternative to the Acura TSX sport wagon would be Volkswagen GTI and Volvo C30. It is expected that Acura TSX sport wagon would be fun to drive car like TSX.

Acura TSX sport wagon 2011

Reviewers are not expecting good performance from 2.4-liter, DOHC, I-VTEC® inline 4-cylinder engine. The engine produces 201 horsepower to power ride the beauty. The Acura TSX sport wagon would be available in 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The fuel mileage is also about average with 30 mpg on highway and 21 mpg in the city (expected). There is 5-speed automatic transmission in the Acura TSX sport wagon. Acura TSX sport wagon comes with 5 speed automatic transmission and manual maybe added later in 2011.

Interior & Exterior

The interior quality is top notch, but customers have to pay extra for advanced features because the sport wagon will be priced higher than TSX. There is not much interior feature data available for the TSX sport wagon, but it will offer more features than the TSX. It comes with perfect surround sound system thanks to powerful Dolby Pro Logic II Circuitry. It will come with premium leather seating and high quality materials.

Acura TSX sport wagon interior 2011

The cargo space is best in class and no other car can match with Acura TSX sport wagon. There is hidden compartment storage area under the mat, which provides extra space. Acura TSX sport wagon provides 31.6 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats and 60.5 cubic feet of space when rear seats folded down.

The exterior styling is attractive with European born styling stretches the clean lines of TSX sedan. It is a sleek wagon with elegance design that attracts every eye. However, some of the reviewers are not happy with body design.

Acura TSX sport wagon 2011

Safety & Reliability

Acura TSX sport wagon is the safest car to drive. There is no safety and reliability data available at this point. However, it will be loaded with modern safety features.


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