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Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon is one unusual and elegant alternative for big names for UK car lovers. Alfa Romeo 159 have all the beauty of Italian engineering. You can differentiate the looks from every other ordinary cars on the road.

Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon is all new sporty four-door vehicle with charismatic interior and stunning exterior. Manufacturers have given extra care to its interior and emphasised on Italian style to make it suggestive and to set its position apart from its alternatives. The attention towards spectacular design can be spotted through its delightful details obvious in form of its triple lens headlights, top notch door handles, sporty vehicle with a range of powerful petrol and diesel engine.

Alfa Romeo 159 It is all what is familiar to anyone who drove previous models of Alfa but Romeo 159 has something that can shake off the sloppy reputation and droopy build. Alpha Romeo is the answer of your all such issues so that you won’t have to reject your passion.

Alfa Romeo 159 saloon is a distinctive, exceptional and unusual alternative that comes with a beautiful design, striking styling, admirable exterior and alluring interior that can gasp you with delight. Hold your delight back for some moments as its weak resale value can leave you wheezing for breath. Reviewers may consider it “not so strong” contender but it surely offers more power and more equipment than its premium rivals. How one can forget it’s of course the best and the biggest plus point, “Plenty of style”.

Alfa Romeo design is beautiful and distinctive, but the resale value will drive you crazy. You cannot expect the performance of BMW 3 Series, Mercedes Benz C Class, or Audi A4 from Alfa Romeo 159. However, there is huge cost difference between German car manufacturers and Alfa Romeo 159.

Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon Price

Price starts at £22,500 and highest price of £26,665. Alfa Romeo 159

Power & Performance

The Alfa’s sharp look demands a high performance engine, therefore, there are three petrol engines are offered to choose from for the Romeo 159. However, reviewers recommend at least one diesel engine to make Alfa Romeo 159 saloon economical for finance-oriented drivers. The range of engines starts with 1.8litre with 140bhp. A 1.9litre engine was also offered at the time of launch that was soon replaced by 1.8litre. A 2.2litre engine with 185bhp and is quite powerful as compared to the previous model whereas the top range is comprised of 3.2litre V6 with 260bhp. The diesel engine is the strongest and the biggest plus point of Romeo 159, however all the petrol engines are also superb performers.

The 1.9litre punchy petrol engine offers a great blend of performance and economy while the larger engines such as 2.4litre are also upgraded several times since the inception and powered from 200bhp to 210bhp. The 1.9litre engine is modified to lower down its performance and to improve its economy from 50mpg to 54mpg. Two more petrol engines are also introduced powered with 200bhp, which is certainly not the most superb engine available but it is smooth, strong and effortless for acceleration, making it the wonderful in working while overtaking.

Interior & Exterior

Alfa Romeo 159 Alfa Romeo 159 saloon is a car that is manufactured for those who love the styling and are passionate about the look of their cars. The competition of this car is not with the other cars but the competition is between two classes of buyers, Buy with hearts vs. Buy with heads. Let’s keep our fingers crossed whether it can appeal the class, who buy with their heads, as it is not so much difficult. The ignition system is key-slot and push-button but the rest of dashboard is refreshing and enjoyable. Rest of the instruments are fuss free, bold and easy to use. The control system of stereo and heating functions are labelled and trouble-free.

Leg and head-room is quite decent, if not class leading. There is no shortage of headroom and ample space for tall adults’ legs. The seats are quite comfortable for the long journey and offer good support. The body shape is quite slippery and has extra thick glass to keep engine and wind noise down. The vehicle has alloy wheels, dual zone climate control, electric windows and folding wing mirrors. The exterior is solid and comes with powerful engine options.

Safety & Reliability

Based on different car reviews, Alfa Romeo 159 saloon has good refinement, although, it is not as hushed as other vehicles of Mercedes. The manufacturer claims to improve its build quality so that reviewers can have squeaks, rattles and problem free drive. However, reliability is not Alfa’s main strength point ever since the first model. Alfa is safe for drive and is awarded five stars in crash sets as the car body is quite durable and sturdy. Vehicle is quite good for long drive and it comes with at least seven airbags, while the 8th one is also available as an option. In a standard 159, an alarm and immobiliser is also fitted as a standard.


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