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This time, with the D3, Alpina has done something exceptional, which others may have thought impossible. It took on the best vehicle and made it even better.

Alpina processes are integrated with BMW production line and they produce similar cars, but more performance oriented. Most of the car reviews are separate for BMW and Alpina.

Alpina D3 Alpina D3 Saloon is the sequel of the success story of very popular D3 sports diesel 2006. This vehicle is a top range machine and certainly it can’t be compared with anything less. Car reviewers have fitted it in between the top range model and M power version. However one may not agree to it, as neither it is as fast as M power vehicles are nor it is an alternative of a high class vehicle to achieve the stunning performance. Alpina is here to fill in the gaps present in BMW range so it offers sturdy vehicles with unique proposition.

The Alpina-removed engine is smooth and punchy in performance and Alpina promises for the best style and exclusive exterior. If you want a potent engine and flawless exterior with a good economy, then it must be your next choice. 320d gives the good performance but exploiting the performance and economy while 330d is a class. It is not like that Alpina has come up with such a stunning vehicle first but it has provided all the advantages of a supreme class vehicle with the groan of a V8. Years ago, Alpina re-engineered top-end BMWs but gave them more power, high performance, bespoke luxury and a price to match. The magic never went out; it is still doing that on some else humble models. D3 saloon is waiting for you to unveil this magic.

Alpina D3 Saloon Price      

Saloon 2.0D Bi-turbo £31,650 Alpina D3

Power & Performance

Alpina really works hard on the every minor detail of the vehicle like it has taken twin-turbo 2litre four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine from 123d model but stirred its magic and made it light tune and stuck it in D3 series. 3 series is one of the sharpest vehicles to drive and Alpina has made it definitely the best. Reviewers explain that D3 drive makes you get the superb feel of the car because the body control is wonderful and the grip is strong. Overall, Alpina rides marvellously. The powerful steering makes you feel light during the drive and does exactly what you want it to do for you. A driver simply feels glee and gets a complete know how of what is going beneath.

In 330d, engineers use the exhaust half of its turbo which is bigger and accommodate better airflow. 330d’s intercooler is also there to fetch the thirst of new engine for the cold air. In 535d they have used injectors. Better performance can be achieved with the improved throughput of fuel at per millisecond that gives higher rev and exploitable engines. The purpose of all these changes are nothing else than to make D3 first choice of every buyer in this class.

Interior & Exterior

Alpina D3 The interior of D3 is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and stunning interior of BMW cars. It lets you feel very comfortable and driver never demands additional specs. It just lets you feel get in and get on for the enjoyable drive. All sizes and shapes people can find a suitable position to sit in for drive due to the wide range adjustments for both the driver’s seat and steering wheel. After such a classic feature, the manual seat adjustment mechanism seems quite awkward. The specific bits of D3 classic interior consists of leather sports seats, stereo system, auto air conditioner, leather steering wheel, dials and 6-speed gear box.

Those who are already familiar with Alpina, know the styling line of this vehicle. The front look of Alpina D3 is quite functional and low to ground, which gives it a sporty and purposeful appearance. The 19 inches classic wheels and a bumper give an alternative and dynamic look to the vehicle. Overall, the look is positive and the exterior makes it different from the BMW and enhanced its perceived value.

Safety & Reliability

It has a stamp of reliability from its parent company. Alpina has focused much about each minor detail of the vehicle and always strives to make it perfect and reliable. If you want to judge the reliability of Alpina D3 saloon, just look back at the history of Alpina and its struggle to make the best vehicle. This car also oozes class when everything fitted into it is of top quality. Trusting its reliability won’t be a big concern for anyone who knows its brand. It scores quite high for its safety as well with twin front and side airbags, deadlocks, electronic brake distribution (EBD) and stability control as standard. It also scored maximum in Euro NCAP crash text. The only drawback is that manufacturer offer two-year warrant instead of three-year cover.


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