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The Alpina D5 offers extreme performance with excellent 45mpg fuel economy. Our review is based on various Alpina D5 Bi-Turbo reviews published online. Alpina adds extra crisp to interior and exclusive badge that no other BMW can get. It feels heavy when you hit acceleration, but you will love the frugal performance. Only thing pointed by most car reviewers is that it may feel heavy when you move it hard. Alpina has made the D5 exclusive and rare blend of luxuries.

It is one of the most desired executive cars to own because of unique refinements. It may feel similar to 535d, but it is different behind the wheel. It is a perfect and exclusive alternative to most executive cars like E-Class and CLS. Everything is perfectly engineered and bespoke items, which makes the D5 the higher-level car.

Alpina D5 Prices

There is only one version of Alpina D5 Bi-turbo available Saloon 3.0 Bi-Turbo priced at £55,950

Power & Performance

Alpina D5 Bi-Turbo insanely powered with 435bhp and 516ft of torque and offers smooth drive. It boasts the amazing eight speed Switchtronic button shift gearbox. It is very much similar to M5, but the fuel consumption is half. D5 struggles to carry its heavy weight with three passengers sitting in car. However, few people can differ between handling and performance because it is an excellent car.

Most of the reviewers state that steering is crisp and good handling. You will love the ride as it is more comfortable than M5. You cannot find similar saloon with extra ordinary performance and best refinement. There is no wind noise on the motorway and engine is like turned off while driving, which makes the driving pleasant.

Interior & Exterior

The seating position is similar to as that of BMW 535d, but the driving feel behind the wheel is different. All the dashboard items, steering wheel and dials are replaced with bespoke items that give you a more elevated feel. It is designed to seat four comfortably and rear seats are comfortable.

Alpina D5 is well-built car with decent interior and boot space. It provides sufficient space to store big items. It isn’t highly equipped compared to its high price, but boasts decent interior equipments. You will get high quality leather trim and high level standard equipments.

Safety & Reliability

All the Alpina models are built on same BMW production lines, but they are refined at Alpina factory. It is one of the most reliable cars to drive and own. Each Alpina model is perfectly engineered to provide long supporting drive. Alpina D5 is very much similar to 535d, which received give star rating in EuroNCAP crash-test results. It is also equipped with eight airbags, security package and other safety features.

eBest Cars Verdict

Alpina D5 is surely a well refined vehicle that provides excellent performance on the road. Alpina tag makes it more appealing because not all the vehicles are specially treated. It is a perfect car for car enthusiasts who do not care about budget.

Alpina D5 Pictures


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