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Audi formula one 2016

Audi plans to join the Formula 1 in 2016 to compete with other rivals. Audi was participating regularly in Le Mans. Moving forward Audi plans to leave Le Mans racing to shift focus on Formula 1. It will revive the German dominance of F1 in 1950s. Audi is planning to partnership with potential sponsorship partner. Red Bull is one of the companies that might join hands with Audi.

Audi had a successful record at Le Mans with 13 wins. Porsche holds the record of most wins in Le Mans with 18 wins. Audi wants to take its successful legacy to Formula 1. Fernando Alonso might be the potential target because his contract is ending with Ferrari. However, it is not yet confirmed whether Fernando Alonso would join Audi or not

It is rumoured that Volkswagen and Audi are working on Formula One turbo 1.6 litre V6 engine for Formula 1. Audi is also planning to buy existing setup rather than going for brand new setup. Red Bull might be the potential target because Volkswagen Group Chairman has good relations with Red Bull. Red Bull remained the major sponsor of Audi in DTM racing.

Audi’s participation in Formula One would start a head to head rivalry between Mercedes Benz and Audi. It will revive the era when all the records were taken by European brands. Audi has a good record in Motorsports and wants to compete with other brands.

Audi plans to hire former Ferrari Formula One team Principal Stefano Domenicali. It turns out to be a good move because Fernando Alonso has good team chemistry with Domenicali.

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