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Audi has revealed new crossover SUV concept sketches that will be featured in Detroit Motor Show in January 2014. The future SUV crossover concept has unique design and sportier look.

Audi recently confirmed that Audi Q1 production will begin in 2016 and now they have unveiled official sketches of new SUV crossover. It is a three door crossover that looks sportier and expected to debut in Detroit Motor Show.

The name and the model is yet to be announced, it is about 4.2m long, few millimetre smaller than Audi A3. It is very identical to 2012 Crosslane Coupe Concept, which set the direction for Q badged SUVs. This new concept is expected to set the direction for regular road trip cars like Audi A4.

According to Audi, it will provide high riding and traditional body with two long doors and estate like tailgate. The styling can also be compared with original Audi TT concept having large chrome grilles not similar to Q3 concept sketch.

However, this model will not be wearing a Q Badge and there is a lot of difference in Q1 sketch released earlier this week. In a press release, Audi states the car as a sports crossover and it is not a complete SUV. Audi states “all-road” design more than once, which means it is not a full SUV like Q1.

It is expected to have hybrid powertrain, but there is no official announcement for hybrid powertrain. However, Quattro badge confirms all-wheel drive transmission in the vehicle.

The design looks promising and gives a mixed feeling of a hatchback and a SUV. A long wheelbase and short overhangs makes it perfect for a five-seater. Stay tuned to eBest Cars. there will be more news updates when Audi debuts the new model in Detroit Motor Show.

Audi Crossover Concept Sketchs


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