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Our review is based our own analysis of various car reviews publish online and BMW 5 Series test drive data gathered. BMW is a renowned car marker with its models enjoying the reputation of merging performance and comfort. However, the manufacturer has broken tradition to introduce a distinct model; The BMW 5 Series Saloon. BMW 5 series is a ride that has successfully defined quality at its best performance.

BMW 5 Series Salon features breaks away from the traditional features of its predecessors. It is the most complete saloon executive model that can be bought and the buyers will enjoy the combination of limousine like comfort and cabin refinement offered. We can say that the elegant styling offers a great appearance when compared with previous models and there is an overall feeling of driving a car that is more sophisticated.

It is rare to notice a series that has a great model as an entry level but the 520d is definitely offering a lot of performance. All models include great interiors and extra features that you can use in order to make the driving experience a lot better. While haters will keep commenting, this series is definitely filled with different models that are great. However, there are strong competitors that are worth watching like Mercedes Benz E Class Saloon, Jaguar XF Saloon and Audi A6 Saloon.

BMW 5 Series Prices

The pricing for this great model is just right given the utilities that are offered. A BMW 5 Series Salon price would range from £30,030 to £58,050, based on engine and any extra features that you might want to add.

5 Series Saloon Trim Price
520d SE £29,430
520d Efficient Dynamics £30,435
520i SE £31,190
523i SE £32,715
520d M Sport £32,730
528i SE £33,610
520i M Sport £34,490
525d SE £35,135
530i SE £35,395
523i M Sport £36,015
528i M Sport £36,910
525d M Sport £37,835
525d M Sport £38,435
530d SE £38,655
530i M Sport £38,695
535i SE S/S £38,915
530d M Sport £42,115
535i M Sport S/S £42,215
535d SE £44,290
535d M Sport £47,225
550i SE £53,080
550i M Sport £55,890

Power and Performance

BMW 5 series is an undisputable road master. Its automatic smooth speed transition that goes to six speed automatic or five speed manual makes it possible for the driver to cruise with less hassle. Its powerful diesel and petrol engines provide a total of 184hp, which is more than enough for most drivers. It is also one of the green models with carbon dioxide emission at only 129g per kilometre.

The one engine that most people appreciate is the 4 cylinders 2.0 one, which offers a great blend of fast pace and economy. Most drivers will love it and it is capable of reaching 62 mph in just 8.1 seconds. This is comparable with Volkswagen Golf GRD and easy overtaking is also possible because of the in-gear pulling power that is present. If you want stronger engines you can also opt for one of the many possibilities offered by the series.

Interior & Exterior

The interior doesn’t disappoint. It is designed with an aim of offering comfort and convenience. The seats are heated automatically and the two zone climate control makes interior climate fresh throughout the ride. The steering wheel can be adjusted to any height for comfortable riding. You will love the fact that the interior is spacious enough to allow comfortable sitting for all the passengers. This is a car for those in love with cutting edge technology. With complete GPS features, one can easily navigate through new areas. The touch screen navigation system has complete maps on roads and landmarks making loss of direction a thing of the past. The model has superb communications systems that are Bluetooth enabled.

The exterior is pretty much as you would expect from a BMW model. There are minor changes but the style has been respected properly and the trademarks are still there. The minor changes make the car better in terms of being aerodynamic but nothing extra should be mentioned.

Safety & Reliability

Safety has not been compromised. In fact, safety has been perfected to make your model the safest model to ride in. The air bag system is automated and automatically inflates the airbags in case of impact, while extra airbags have been included to protect even more in case of unwanted events. The wind screen is designed to give the driver and back seat passenger a wide view.

The rear view assist enables to gauge the size of parking and checks out the parking lot for parking spaces. The mirror screen is also electronically powered to make it easier for the driver to adjust them. We should mention the fact that reliability is higher than in the past. There have been people that complained with other models and the manufacturer made sure that the complaints are not going to appear again.

eBest Cars Verdict

This is a model that takes care of all the specifications that you need for a great ride. Right from its track performance, cool interior and stylish exterior, this is a model that will give you a brilliant driving experience. You can choose from various colours that BMW offers. You can also shop for your model conveniently online with an equally convenient price quote. There are driving sessions that are offered to make sure the car is mechanically sound at buying. BMW 5 Series is a good value for money considering high class equipments and materials. Fuel economy is also reasonable comparing other competitors with 57mpg on 520d. The green credentials are also improved with 132g/km of CO2. The road tax ideally remains between £30 to £445 and tax band C – L. You are ideally to get a good Auto Insurance rate on BMW 5 Series Saloon. You can get the Auto Insurance Quote on Aviva Auto Insurance.


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