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On June 18, 2013
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BMW 6 Series convertible may not be fun to drive, but it leaves a strong impression on every car buyer. It offers blend of luxury, performance and elegance. You won't regret after buying this convertible.

The BMW 6 Series Convertible is a stylish and elegant car which may be deemed costly. One thing though is that the resale values are quite high and this is attributed to the car’s desirability. The vehicle comes in two models; petrol powered and the diesel powered. The latter requiring low maintenance costs compared to the former. However, the running cost averages 50mpg; trust me this is quite impressive performance wise. For the financially endowed, petrol powered one will suit you and it will be worth the money. Let’s take a ride through the features then.

BMW 6 Series Convertible price

Model Price
Convertible 640i SE £66,010
Convertible 640d SE £68,515
Convertible 640i M Sport £70,425
Convertible 640d M Sport £72,930
Convertible 650i SE £74,345
Convertible 650i M Sport £78,590
Convertible M6 £99,045

Power and Performance

Most of the BMW 6 Series Convertible buyers would prefer the 309bhp 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel powered engine although 316bhp 3.0-litre turbo and 401bhp or 552bhp 4.4-litre twin-turbo petrol engine varieties are available. Acceleration is made easier by the eight-speed automatic gearbox and this is quite effortless to say the least.

The optional Adaptive Drive changes the suspension depending on the four modes of driving that are available to choose from. One interesting bit is that the low-speed ride has a firm grip even when you select the Comfort mode. In the aforementioned mode, not even the bumps are a huddle since the suspension is one to die for. As you increase the speed you will notice the evening out of the firmness. For those with sports car experience this car gives the same feeling especially in bends. The stronger body control gives the car an edge and it can wipe the floor with other cars of seemingly similar specs.

The engine throttle upon starting is second to none and the noise fades as you cruise-unbelievable. The noise that emanates from the road should not worry you either since the wide tyres keep that in check. The noise from wind is absorbed by the hood. Your journey will not be ruined by the wind noise when the roof is down.

Interior and Exterior

The BMW 6 series may be considered expensive but the elegance it oozes is unmatched. The luxurious drop top has beautifully crafted cabin not mentioning the controls. The manufacturers must have done their homework. Assembly of cabin elements has been flawlessly done and this is the right car for the elegant ‘driven’ person.

Safety and Reliability

All BMW 6 convertibles are manufactured with a host of safety passenger protection features. A number of electric driver assistance features including stability control are assembled and these ensure your safety on the road. Side air bags too are conveniently placed and this car has the twin front ones in addition to the side airbags which should cushion you should anything happen on the road. Being a gorgeous car anyone would want to have a piece and thieves are not an exception either. A reliable alarm and engine immobiliser come in handy for safety purposes.

eBest Cars Verdict

The BMW 6 convertible is an elegant car that is worth the money. Performance is second to none. . Wherever you drive it a statement is made and for a DREAM car this is a REALITY!

BMW 6 Series convertible may not be fun to drive, but it leaves a strong impression on every car buyer. It offers blend of luxury, performance and elegance. You won't regret after buying this convertible.

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