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I have to admit; vans are not the obvious choice of vehicle to buy when you want something to “pimp up”! Most petrolheads will customise cars, especially high-performance ones. But vans have a long and rich cult following, dating back to the days when VW Transporter 2 vans were brand new.

You won’t see many modded vans on the roads of Britain. But when you do see one, they will certainly make you turn your head to look! If you want a new project ride to pimp up, a van offers the best choice for modifying potential! Check these modding ideas out for inspiration.

In-van entertainment system

The only form of entertainment you’ll likely get in a van is hearing a joke or two during the Steve Wright show on BBC Radio 2! Today’s vans only have a basic entertainment system. They often comprise a CD head unit and a couple of door speakers. That’s it!

But you want to pimp up your van. What better way than to use the space in the cargo area to build a phenomenal system up! Examples of what you could have include:

  • A selection of speakers and subwoofers;
  • A large-screen LED television;
  • Some gaming chairs and a games console;
  • Satellite TV receiver.

Leather interior

Most vans have fabric interiors. They are designed to take a lot of wear and abuse from the tradesmen that use them. But you don’t need to worry about that because you are giving your van a new lease of life!

I once saw a modded van by the Vanwise Group showroom for sale. It had some awesome Recaro leather seats, along with Alcantara dashboard and headlining. The great thing about leather interiors is that they are easy to clean and care for.

So if you spill your coffee or the contents of your Big Mac meal on them, they are easily wiped clean. I recommend only fitting a leather interior to a van fitted with air conditioning. British summers are becoming hotter these days. And you will melt if you sit on hot leather seats otherwise – especially ones that are black in colour!

Superman van

Increase your engine performance

Pretty much all vans sold in the UK have a diesel engine. These engines also have forced induction (turbochargers) to boost engine performance.

The beauty about turbodiesel engines is that you can further increase their power for not much money. For example, an ECU remap can unleash some extra horsepower from your engine.

Other modifications like custom exhausts and bigger turbo intercoolers can give you even more power on tap.

Slam your van to the deck

To give your van the awesome factor, you need to lower the suspension on it. The good news is that there are plenty of aftermarket suspension kits you can buy for vans. Any good mechanic can change them for you.

Once your van is lowered, you can then upgrade to some large alloy wheels to complete the look. Now your van has officially been pimped up!

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