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Citroen is a well-known car brand throughout the motoring world. The French car maker has sold cars in many countries around the world since the early 20th century. One thing that Citroen are well-known for is their “out of the box” styling.

In a market dominated by “safe styling,” Citroen always experiment. They come up with models designed to offer something different to consumers. And it’s this alternative view of what consumers want that makes them such a well-revered car maker.

citroen berlingo

Are you thinking of buying a Citroen car soon? If so, you will doubtless have fallen in love with the styling. We all know that Citroen cars stand out from the crowd – but in a good way, of course!

But before you hand over any money for the Citroen of your dreams, it is important that you take it out for a test drive first! Here are some of the reasons why this is essential before you buy:


I’m sure that you have some specific tasks in mind for your soon-to-be new Citroen. You might want an able people-carrier. Or you might want a car that offers good performance in challenging driving conditions, such as going up steep hills.

Most Citroen cars come with a range of engine options. The French car maker has many popular diesel engines, suitable for those that do frequent long journeys. But for the ultimate in performance, a petrol power plant is your best bet.

Make sure you drive the car in scenarios you are likely to encounter each day, so that you know it will be more than capable for the job.


Your potential new Citroen might have the right engine for your needs, but how well does it handle on the road? On a test drive, you only have a limited amount of time to drive the car.

Be sure to drive the car on different roads, such as those with twists and bends, dual carriageways and so forth. You might also want to go out for a test drive when it’s raining, as that will be the ultimate test of the car’s handling!

Quality and reliability

The last thing you want to do is buy a car that will breakdown all the time! All modern Citroen cars these days are of good quality and are reliable.

And if you buy your Citroen at Carcogroup, or any other reputable dealer, you can be sure of excellent support in case things do go wrong.


Let’s face it; if you buy a Citroen, you are more than likely looking for a car that offers excellent practicality.

The Berlingo, for example, offers enormous cabin and cargo space! In fact, two of my neighbours own a Berlingo each. One of them runs a dog-walking business, whereas the other is a self-employed window cleaner. In both cases, the Berlingo meets their needs.

I hope you have found today’s Citroen test drive guide useful. Good luck with your test drive and let us know how you get on! Thanks for reading.

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