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buy-or-sell-carSo far you have been in love with your beloved companions?  Yes, there you go with your family, friends and of course pets with the abundance of love and care. Aside from this, there is yet another much-loved thing by which you’re talked or perhaps represent your being. And that’s your bike or a lovely car, isn’t it?  These being not just the means of transformation, but have become more than that. To some people their cars are just their lives and a single crash may make them go down. And that’s why this sheer love for cars and craze to maintain them at the utmost level has been in fad.

And when it comes to your cars or those ghastly roaring bikes, you rarely want to compromise with each simple tool. From your personalized number plates to the advanced boosters, you keep yourselves on your guard. Though it may sound a bit silly but some people who have spent fortune on just buying number plates!  A businessman based in Abu Dhabi, Saeed Khori purchased the ‘1 Plate’ in £7.1 million the most expensive yet so far. On asking him why he paid like water, he replied,’’1 is the best number and I want to be the best in this world.’’ So such a massive obsession for cars does exist and there are the people who are all set to deal at any cost be it vintage or the ultra smart models.

Thus, in such an immense craze for the cars, you’d never want to be told by your chums that you’re car is running out! It’s always a matter of feeling big headed when someone appreciates your car.  If you’re thinking of buying a new car or selling the existing one, we’ve got some tips for you.

Planning to Buy a New Car?

As we know it’s going to be one of the toughest times when buying a new car. We usually try and pry all about it but we rarely get what precisely we want. Since it’s one of the biggest buys we infrequently make throughout our lifetime, we inevitably have to give our best when buying the best car.

  • First and foremost make sure your credit score. This will let you confirm your financing. And, of course just because the salesman promises the best rate, don’t take him for granted. It’s also your personal responsibility to get acquainted with the buying techniques and technical knacks, so that salesman can’t force to buy you any specific model as per his own personal interest.
  • Then, you should have the ideas about the pick time for the year to buy your car. Usually, end of summer to Christmas is a great time wherein news models are being launched on a large scale.
  • Don’t ever miss to gauge the value of the car. And no other means is better than researching on internet. Car salesman will probably lie you to accumulate more value to the car you buying but make sure you point out exaggeration.
  • Check out the offers for the cars. As you can see alluring offers enlisted and the end conditions do apply and that may not amuse you. So explicitly discuss all about offers.
  • Lastly, if you’re not that much into features and latest updates about the cars, bring any car savvy along with you. Then take your time, make your choice, know the features and then decide to buy.

For those thinking to selling their cars? 

You can sell out your car by many ways. Though auctioning is always up there, you can opt for online car dealers who keep best of the returns. If you already have someone to sell your car, you need to share some percentage. But luckily, if you can sell it personally, it’d the best profit.

  • Before you sell out your vehicle, research the value of it considering the latest trend in the market.
  • After deciding on the ideal price, start advertising on multiple sites as this will get noticed among the thousands of buyers who may be looking for the type of car you’ve . And don’t forget to re-post each day so that it can come front throughout the search results.
  • Further, include the original photographs and don’t edit the scars or the colour. Just let it be as it is so the buyers can get great amount of authenticity.

Lastly, be ready with all the papers like license, registration etc. so that no further inconvenience can take place.


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Adam Lee runs car auction business since a decade. He also writes about car buying, selling and maintaining tips. He is truly a big fan of trendy number plates which he believes as much important as the other parts of a car.


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