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BMW cars are the vehicle of choice for many people in Great Britain and beyond. The German car maker has a reputation for building cars that are luxurious, refined and stylish. Whenever you get behind the wheel of a BMW, you have total peace of mind knowing that you are in a safe and comfortable car.

The only downside to BMW cars is that they aren’t cheap. But then, one has to pay a premium for luxury and excellent build quality! The news isn’t all bad, because there are plenty of affordable used BMW cars on the market. Are you planning on buying a used BMW soon? If so, this handy guide will help you to buy a cracking example!

used bmw

Buy the best model in your budget

The 3 Series and 5 Series offer similar benefits to car buyers, except that the 5 Series offers extra room and refinement. Both models serve a purpose, and so you have to decide which one best fits your needs.

Of course, if you want an even bigger vehicle, there is always the X5. In fact, there are plenty of BMW models on the market that you can buy. You should just make sure you buy the best one for your budget.

Sometimes, that might mean buying a newer, higher-spec 3 Series than an older 5 Series model. I recommend checking out some Internet reviews of the models you like. That way, you don’t end up buying an example that is likely to cause you problems.

Don’t buy a lemon

In the United States, a “lemon” is a word used to describe cars that have a raft of expensive problems. They are also cars that unscrupulous dealers know are only fit for the scrap yard. That same term gets used here in the United Kingdom, and in other parts of the world.

I would hate for you to buy a lemon. BMW cars aren’t notorious for being problematic. Major issues with BMWs tend to be down to how their former keepers treated them. In other words, if previous owners are lax with car maintenance, you might be the one that has to pay to put things right again.

There are plenty of ways that you can avoid buying a lemon. Buy your next BMW from a reputable dealer, such as Motorline Direct. Make sure you do a HPI check on it, so that you don’t end up buying a BMW with a hidden history.

Ensure that the car comes with a full dealer service history. A lot of people use independent garages to maintain their vehicles. The trouble with that approach is that they are not BMW experts; only BMW technicians are!

Consider buying a nearly-new model

It’s no secret that the newer a car is, the less likely it is going to cause trouble for you. Today’s final tip is as follows: if you can afford to do so, I recommend buying a nearly-new BMW.

A model that is three years old or newer could also save you tens of thousands off the list price of a brand new model. Thus, you can enjoy buying a cheaper-than-new car that’s almost new!

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