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The American made Cadillac CTS struggles to get appraisal from UK car buyers. Our review of CTS is based on our own analysis of various published car reviews for Cadillac CTS Saloon. Cadillac has struggled for a long time on the European market and the CTS Saloon series might be exactly what they needed. Till now the one Cadillac car that was European in design was the 2006 BLS while the 2008 CTS was more similar to the Mercedes Benz E-Class and Audi A6 but capable of offering that European appeal.

The new CTS was modified a little more and there are many tweaks that make it attractive. We have a stiffer suspension that minimizes body roll and the responsive steering is something that you will definitely like.

The problem is that the Cadillac CTS Saloon is not a very good competition for different rivals when talking about comfort and refinement. The V6 diesel model is the one that will most likely catch the biggest attention from potential buyers around the world. Even so, this is definitely a car that we should look at more carefully.

Cadillac CTS Prices

As you surely expected, the Cadillac CTS is not a cheap car, although the price is also not too high. The least-expensive  model is the V6 3.0 Elegance, which costs £40,897. The most expensive model costs £65,766 and it is the V8 V 6.2 model.

Power and Performance

It is easy to see that a huge disadvantage with Cadillac CTS is the fact that there is no diesel engine. However, there have been talks about the possibility of introducing one in the future. There are basically 2 petrol engines that are available. The smaller one has 211 bhp and offers 2.8 litre but the one that is more popular is the 311 bhp 3.6 litre. The bigger model will use direct injection so that fuel economy is improved. It can reach 60 mph in around 6.3 seconds while the smaller model will achieve this in 9 seconds. There is a clear difference in speed between the two.

The one big weakness of the Cadillac CTs stands in the automatic 6 speeds gearbox. Even if it does have a lot of pulling power, the auto gearbox seems not to actually exploit the number of gears it should. You need to basically force kickdown to get results. You might have to opt for the paddle shift so that you can change the speeds manually.

Interior and Exterior

The powerful engine will offer a harder suspension setting. This will affect the level of comfort that the passengers have. We have also noticed a lot of vibrations inside the cabin, and we can conclude that the car is not that comfortable for family travel. However, the interior is very attractive and the comfort level is reasonable even when transporting 5 people. Extras like cruise control, electronic climate control, electric door mirrors and electric windows are standard.

At a first glance, the design is quite characteristic of a Cadillac and when you look at the back, you will think that it has a large boot. However, this is not as big as the completion and will only offer you 373 litres. We have a wide opening, so we can fit different long items but this does not mean that there is more space, in reality.

Safety and Reliability

Cadillac CTS offers many safety features, and we are in front of a car that is quite safe overall. The features that you will like are stability control, traction control, the 6 airbags and the Isofix anchored points that appear in rear seats. The breaks are really good and standard, just as the Xenon headlights that can automatically adjust settings so that night-time visibility is better.

The problem with reliability is the fact that there have not been many models that were sold in Europe. We cannot actually offer a verdict on reliability, although we do seem to have enough technology to offer enough longevity.

eBest Cars Verdict

The bottom line is that the design of the Cadillac CTS is more attractive than some models from rival manufacturers but there are a lot of problems for European buyers. The CTS will not handle or ride as well as the rivals, and the engine should have been a little more powerful. We are also faced with high running costs. CTS is not a green car any way and green credentials are poor with 263g/km of CO2 for 2.8 litre engine. Fuel economy is not so impressive with 25mpg. Overall, it is a good Saloon to drive if saving is not your priority.

Cadillac CTS Pictures


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