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What is car hire?

A car hire and a van hire company is a business which is run offering benefit to people travelling, their own car is unavailable, moving house, running a business or planning to go on holiday. You can hire vans and cars for a few hours, weeks or days for a set, but reasonable fee. There are some car hire companies that will loan out the use of scooters and motorbikes; you will have to discuss this with your chosen hire company to find out if they provide this service.

A company which owns such vehicles can be found on the internet, local paper, or phone book. There are company offices at airports and inner city areas where there is such need for van and car hire. You can make your reservations over the phone if you know what type of car, size and amount of time you wish to use the car, you can use the internet to arrange hire of a car or a van or you can make a visit to the actual company themselves. This can be beneficial to you if you are unsure about what size vehicle you will need.

Where was car hire born?

There is no fixed time, date or place when vehicle hire was first documented, but it is known that horses would be the first ever forms of transportation, and it were these that were rented out to the general public first, as were carriages, carts and wagons. However, the first motorized vehicle was documented in 1904, this being the motorcar in Omaha.

The model T Ford was the first car to be rented out in 1916; however, in 1917 the company was renting out 18 model T Ford cars. The company ran with the name “Drive – it – yourself” which grew to have company offices in 56 cities by 1926 then went on to become the well-known “Avis” in 1955.

No business is ever complete without competition, and Saunders’ “Drive – it – yourself” was of no exception. Competition opened in 1918 owning 12 Model T Ford vehicles. Their name was to be “Rent – a – car,” that was until the name changed to “Hertz”.

Since the early years there have been many Car hire and van hire companies born and are very popular including:

  • ACE-rent-a-car
  • Advantage rent-a-car
  • Thrifty car rental
  • Sixt
  • National car rental
  • Hertz
  • Europa rental
  • Avis

Travelling and sightseeing

When you travel to new countries, for example the UK, you will have flown from your home country to the UK, this means that you will not have your regular car with you. You will be left to rely on another form of transport for your holiday sightseeing trips, such as public transport, or car hire.

Public transport is a great way to travel, but if you want to visit inner city areas such as London you can find that the buses are very busy, stressful and not the best holiday experience. What better way to travel than by hiring a car and travelling to all the best holiday hotspots to do your sightseeing in London than in a car of your own where you can go where you want when you want without having to rely on the bus, train or coach.

When you have your trip planned, you will need to select the location where you want to hire the vehicle, and length of time that you wish to hire the vehicle, and then you can take a look at the additional extras that you may want with the vehicle when you hire it such as:

  • Child seats
  • Additional cover
  • GPs
  • Fuel choices
  • Controls for the disabled
  • Airport transfer.

Now you have your car enjoy your travelling.

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