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Gear up your engines and lets visit Netherlands where Carice Cars have planned to launch their newest electric topless sports car. The production is said to start with the units of 10 to make them available for public. How it will be to test drive Carice MK1? A car having weight less than 350kg being offered in 2 powers i.e 20bhp or 54bhp. Imagine Carice MK1, with the top speed of 62mph, can travel up to 70 miles on a single charge. What if the charging ends? Surprisingly it can be recharged in just 2 hours.

The crispy touch of the news is, Carice MK1 is also available for the drivers of age 16 to 18 years, which I said to be a junior version with 5bhp power.

So, have you tried Carice MK1 topless sports car yet? If yes, then share your experience, and rate this electric car.


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