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Could the cars that we have seen only in movies where the action takes place in the future, become a reality? Science and technology advance in a surprising rhythm every day, so don’t be surprised if one of these days you’ll see an “alien” looking like car pass down your street.

What Ford is doing

future-carsFord is working at some technologies that might change cars in the not so distant future. They will be able to identify obstacles and park on their own even without the physical presence of the driver.

At the event in Belgium this year, the automobile constructor has unveiled several prototypes of cars that show a high level of autonomy. The first system they presented not only scans surrounding obstacles and finds a good parking space, but also allows the driver to leave the car during this process.

Furthermore, Ford has mixed autopilot with auto-brakes in order to allow the car to brake on its own when an unexpected obstacle appears and move away from it. The system scans the environment with the help of a camera with ultrasonic sensors that has a range of 200 metres and warns the driver with sounds if something is wrong on the road. If the driver doesn’t react, then the system takes over and makes the turns, but only if the speed isn’t greater than 62 km/h.

Internet access

Having Internet in your car is almost a reality, as in the future, connectivity will become a routine thing for cars to have. 37% of the 200 executive directors of big automobile companies agree that information, together with entertainment, are at least as important as car safety. Car manufacturers will unite forces with IT, telecom and music companies. In the next five years, drivers will be able to enjoy special gadgets designed for cars by big firms like Google, Apple, Microsoft and LG being some of the big names. As it is, some producers are already working on car connectivity.

At the end of 2011, Toyota had already announced their collaboration with Intel – “Intel thinks that cars with Internet connectivity are, after smartphones and tablets, the most sought after technological products. For a car manufacturer, this is a huge potential”, declared a specialist. Audi has already built a 3G wireless device for its A7 model and this will be attached to the other models as well. Investors also seem inclined to give more money for developing car connectivity in the next five years.

Volkswagen Aqua Concept

A young designer, Yuhan Zhang, invented an amphibious car of the future – Volkswagen Aqua Concept, that can function on the road, snow and water. Mixing a futuristic design with a revolutionary concept, this car has all the assets to be used by James Bond. This project is a combination between a car and an air pillow that allows the passengers to feel comfortable in all terrain conditions. Volkswagen Aqua Concept is a car powered by an electric motor whose energy is generated by a battery with integrated fuel.

Fuel of the future, a cocktail of enzymes

The cars of the future could use enzymes as fuel. These consume cellulose from wood chips or grass. In place of the usual gases, by using this new fuel, cars would eliminate hydrogen through the exhaust pipes.

Researchers from Virginia Tech, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and from the University of Georgia mixed 14 enzymes, a coenzyme and other cellulosic materials derived from non-edible sources. Water has been added to the mix with a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. Could this be the fuel of the future?

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