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The Citroen C6 is a vehicle that is very similar to a limousine in the sense that it was created to offer a lot of style, safety, comfort and luxury. Our review is based on analysis of various car reviews published online and data available on Citroen website. Unfortunately it does face a lot of competition in this market and this basically means that the firm needs to take buyers away from highly popular manufacturers like Audi or BMW.

The truth is that the Citroen C6 manages to stand out of the crowd due to the fact that it is a rarity. It does offer great cash back discounts and every time you travel in one you are going to feel special. The car is definitely comfortable if you are the passenger. However, there are some problems from the driver point of view. The automatic gearbox is little hesitant, the steering is woolly and the body will control poorly in corners.

However, what is really interesting and a big plus is the fact that you are most likely to get a great deal from the Citroen dealers. The C6 is great when referring to price-quality ratio and we are in front of a car that offers enough quality for most automotive buyers. The resale is low as compared to the top car manufacturers.

Citroen C6 Prices

You only have one option available with the Citroen C6 Saloon. It costs £40,160 and comes as the Salon 3.0 HDi V6 Exclusive. Do not forget the dealer advantage mentioned above.

Power and Performance

Even if we have just one model, there are 2 choices in V6 engines that you can opt for. Both come with an automatic transmission and 6 speeds. We thus have the 3.0 litre petrol engine, which offers 212hbp. It can reach 62 mph in around 9.4 seconds. The 2.7 litre V6 diesel engine will give you 205bhp and can reach 62 mph in 8.9 seconds. The diesel option will be better if you are looking for a more relaxed driving experience.

If you are looking for something different, you might also consider the 2.2 HDi 173bhp model. It offers manual gearbox but the gearshifts are not that great. We have to recommend that you consider a model with an automatic gearbox. You will also love that the CO2 emissions are really low at under 195 g per km. The road tax rates are going to be lower than with the competition.

Interior and Exterior

We already mentioned that the passengers are going to feel comfortable. The Citroen C6 Saloon is capable of transporting both 4 and 5 people at a really good comfort level. We can say that the price tag is low for the level of comfort offered. We are faced with a suspension that will absorb a lot and the noise insulation is definitely superb. You might also opt for a Lounge Pack, which adds 2 comfortable and electrically adjustable TGV rear seats.

The interior is definitely impressive but we have to say that the boot can only be described as adequate. It looks spacious enough but it is small when we compare it with the E-Class or the A6. The cabin storage space will be good and there is generous and interesting glove compartment. Remember that the seats of the rear will not fold.

Safety and Reliability

The Citroen C6 Saloon is among the first that managed to gain a four star rating for the protection of pedestrians because of the pop-up bonnet. The sensors behind the present front bumper are going to detect if something has been hit and will trigger a bonnet. This offers a very good cushioning effect. You are also going to take advantage of the 9 airbags and the electronic stability programme. All the top models are going to be fitted with the lane departure warning system. Thanks to this you will have a much lower chance to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Citroen does have to make some changes in the reliability sector and the manufacturer does know this. We are in front of one vehicle that is definitely complex but there are still minor problems that are to be fixed in the future. However, the reliability rating is constantly rising and people are happier as time passes.

eBest Cars Verdict

The bottom line is that the Citroen C6 Saloon looks and feels different when compared with the competition and the diesel engine is quite good. We have a nice motorway ride that has enough quality for most potential buyers. However, it is quite expensive to both run and buy and the services that are after the sale might be a little expensive. Green credentials are not too bad with 199g/km of CO2 with 2.2HDi and fuel economy of 43mpg.

Citroen C6 Pictures


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