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Car Reviews Disclaimer

In case of any mis-understanding or correction, please contact us via contact page. Some of the top websites we used to evaluate reviews include whatcar.com, parkers.co.uk, autoexpress.co.uk and original car manufacturers websites for specifications.

You are reading ebestcars.co.uk reviews on your own free will and ebest cars and the owners take no responsibility for loss, mis-understanding, reputation management or legal issues.


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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple, we provide valuable information to our readers/visitors. We collect latest cars information, updates, news, views, reviews and cars related information through different published reviews and analysis of different websites. For any other information you can contact us via contact us page.

We Do Not Sell out your personal information and privacy is important for our valuable readers. We might use your email to send latest reviews, updates and information (only subscribed users). Please read our detailed privacy policy page.

Ratings Explained

Our self assessed rating is based on analysis of various published reviews and online ratings on different automotive websites. The rating is out of 5 points. If we are rating any car with 3.0 (Below Average), the car is good in particular category. Anything above 2.5 is considered good rating. We are not responsible for any misleading perception from our ratings. Most of the new vehicles have Above 3.0 rating, which is considered good. The term below average is comparing the other vehicles in the class and their ratings on aggregate. There is no top rating and there is no poor rating. All the vehicles manufactured are provided with warranties by their respected manufacturers and companies. It is best to contact them via their official website for test drive and personal analysis and we are not responsible for any loss in case of any misunderstanding.

Graphical star rating system is based on car reviews published and ebest cars use evaluation based reviews based on different car reviews.

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