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If you’ve started a new business over the last twelve months, you might soon be at a point where it makes sense to lease a vehicle. While some company bosses choose to purchase their cars outright, doing that is not a good idea unless you have achieved immense profits. Don’t worry though, the full price of your lease can be deducted from your accounts in April, which means you will end up giving less cash to the taxman. The benefits of leasing are many. Not only does it save wear and tear on your family car, but it also helps to promote the image of professionalism. Only successful business owners can afford to drive the latest Mercedes or BMW models. At least that’s what most people think anyway.

With all that in mind, you’re probably going to need some advice when it comes to selecting the perfect model for your firm. You personal preferences will come into play, but you shouldn’t let them cloud your judgement. So long as you consider all the points made on this page, you should have no trouble finding something ideal. Just make sure you can realistically afford the monthly lease payments as you don’t want to fall behind and lose the model after only having it in your possession for a short time.

How will you use the vehicle?

It’s always important that you think about usage before signing on the dotted line. Depending on how you plan to drive a car, you might like to select different vehicles.

Long distance travel

Presuming you will spend a lot of time driving up and down motorways to reach business meetings, you’re going to need something with a large engine size. That is because you don’t want to stop every hour to top up the tank. Also, larger vehicles tend to have better safety features. Not only do they have a stronger chassis, but they usually include extra airbags and a decent warning system.

Short distance travel

If you only need a business vehicle to make daily trips to the post office or something similar, then you don’t want to go for anything with more than a 1.6 litre engine. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself using a lot of fuel. Also, it’s not as important that you have driver, passenger, rear and side airbags if there is only one person in the car at any time. Those who do a lot of winter driving might like to consider heavier models though.

How much are you willing to pay?

When all’s said and done, the quality of your vehicle will depend on the price you pay. Most manufacturers produce many different editions of the same model. The cheapest ones tend to have fewer gadgets, smaller engines and a less impressive interior. However, you need to make your decision based on information about your finances. So, you should never agree to take on a lease from Listers.co.uk or a similar specialist without first considering the amount of funds you can spare.

Will numerous people drive the car?

Depending on the number of people you plan to insure on the vehicle, you might like to consider something with a better interior. Standard seats tend to become worn after a couple of years of heavy usage, and so it might be sensible to pay a little more for leather alternatives. If only one person uses the vehicle, that is not too much of an issue. You can trust one person to be careful when getting in and out, and you will have someone to blame if there are any issues. However, things are never quite as simple when there are multiple drivers.

Are you trying to impress clients?

If the main purpose of you leasing a vehicle is to impress potential clients at business meetings, then you’re going to want something that looks fantastic. You simply can’t go wrong with anything produced in the last five years by Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Even so; you could save a lot of money by opting for an executive model from a cheaper manufacturers like Volkswagen. Some of their latest designs hold their own against those created by the major players, and they are available for around half the price. That is something you need to consider.

How long do you plan to keep the car for?

Some people are happy swapping and changing their lease models every few months. If that applies to you, making the wrong decision is not the end of the world. That said; anyone who plans to keep the car for a few years and perhaps even purchase it from the leasing company in the long run should give their decision a little more time. Handing cars back and getting new ones can take a few hours, and that is time you should be spending working on your company. Considering that; you must read lots of reviews and have a good idea about the model you want before visiting your local leasing specialist.

Where will you store the vehicle?

Storage can be a real problem for people who rent business cars. So long as you have a car park attached to your premises, you should be fine. It’s only when you have to keep the model at home or on the street that problems arise. If you don’t have access to a car park, it’s probably a good idea to avoid large designs like those produced by Range Rover over the last few years. Not only do they guzzle fuel, but they’re also prone to being damaged because of their size.

You should now have a good idea about what you need to think about when leasing a business vehicle. The only other advice we can offer is that you should shop around. Just because you find your perfect model for £150 per month from one leasing company, that doesn’t mean you won’t find it cheaper elsewhere.

Good luck choosing the ideal car for your business folks. We hope this post has made your life easier!

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