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Throughout history there have been traffic accidents, many of which could have been avoided fairly easily. The following are a few of the famous incidents which needn’t have happened in the first place and which have all taught us something.

King Tutankhamun – 1323 BC

One of the earliest known traffic accidents is that involving King Tutankhamun. As this was back in 1323 BC details of it are scarce but we now know that it caused the death of the young Egyptian king. His treasure filled tomb was discovered in 1922 and since then researchers have wondered what caused him to die at such a young age. Recent investigations on the injuries down the side of his body have led to the conclusion that King Tut died a gruesome death when he was hit by a fast moving chariot while kneeling down.

What we learned from this. Don’t kneel in front of a speeding chariot.

Mary Ward – 1869

The title of first recorded traffic related death goes to Mary Ward, who dies in Parsonstown in Ireland (now known as Birr). She was invited out in an experimental steam car made by her cousins. At the time, the Red Flag Act reduced the speed limits for steam driven traffic so 4 mph, so the possibilities of a tragic accident occurring must have seemed pretty slim. Sadly, Mary fell out of the vehicle while it was going round a corner and ended up under the wheels of the car. She died from a broken neck.

What we learned from this. If any relatives invite you out for a spin in their car and casually mention that it is “experimental” it would probably be best to stay at home.

James Dean – 1955

Possibly the most famous traffic accident in the 20th century was that which killed James Dean. The actor was driving a Porsche 550 Spyder to a race meeting when he had the misfortune to come across a driver with the unlikely name of Donald Turnupseed making a left turn in his path. Anticipating an accident the actor tried to steer past the other vehicle but ended up crashing into it head first. A huge factor in the crash was said to be the fact that Dean had only recently bought the car and wasn’t used to driving it. In fact, a week before the accident Alec Guinness is said to have told Dean that he would be found dead in a week if he started driving his new Porsche. As a footnote to the accident, the parts of Dean’s car which were sold off in later years were said to be cursed, as the buyers suffered a mysterious series of misfortunes.

What we learned from this. If anyone warns you that your car is likely to kill you then it is probably time to find out the cab prices to wherever you are planning on going to.

Marc Bolan – 1977

The T Rex singer died in a car accident in 1977, when the purple Mini he was in smacked into a chain link fence post and then hit a tree. He wasn’t driving at the time. In fact, the singer couldn’t drive and was apparently afraid of driving. He was on his way home from a night in a club with a girlfriend called Gloria Jones when the accident happened. Many people think that it was the infamous sycamore tree which killed Bolan but it is now believed that it was the fence which did the damage.

What we learned from this. There appears to be no solid evidence that the driver of the Mini has been drinking heavily, although she left the country before she could appear in court to face allegations of driving while unfit to do so. However, it is still usually a better idea to pay the cab prices to get home after your night outs rather than risk driving.

Princess Diana – 1997

The tragic end to Diana’s life is one of those moments which we can all still remember clearly, even after 16 years. There are still unexplained issues about her death and there are plenty of conspiracy theories you can take your pick from. However, what seems clear is that the Mercedes she was in was fleeing from paparazzi when it crashed into the wall of an underground tunnel in Paris. Studies found that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the fatal accident.

What we learned from this. Despite all of the conspiracy theories, many people now put this down to a simple case of a driver having drink and drugs in his system while behind the wheel or over speeding. This is something which should always be avoided.

Paul Walker – 2013

It was a shocking news for Fast and Furious fans that the star from the movie died in a car accident. Paul was recently filming his seventh instalment of his Fast and Furious series. The main reason behind the crash was over speeding. In this accident, car is completely destroyed and star actor burned to death along with his friend who was driving the car, Porsche Carrera GT. There is no evidence of drunk driving, but over speeding on a street road was completely driver negligence.

What we learned from this. We learn that never over speed on street roads and always drive carefully. A simple mistake can cause a big loss.

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