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Supercars don't come cheap and Ferrari 458 Spider is expensive to own and run. However, if you are a Ferrari lover, you will own it no matter what the car reviews state.

You don’t need to be told that Ferrari has a worldwide reputation for making powerful and exotic cars. This fact continues to be true with the new 2013 458 Spider that offers the attraction of a retractable top. With a design that is clever, simple and sleek and lighter than Ferrari’s previous model – the F430.

It has a special system that gives you absolute control of the engine, including unique shift patterns for its gearbox. This comes as a 7-speed and dual automated clutch that help to minimize consumption of fuel, and emitting of carbon dioxide. The 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider, with its compact body is a wonder to be in. It really won’t be an exaggeration to say it is the best convertible supercar today.

Ferrari 458 Spider Price

Model Price
Spider 4.5 V8 £198,906

Power and Performance

Designed with an aluminium 570 bhp 4.5 litre V8 engine, and an auto gear that measure up, there’s no doubt the 458 Spider is a super fast car. Even with its 7-speed gearbox, the sports car so flexible you can be cruising at speeds of 35mph on the seventh gear. It is absolutely flexible.

Also powered by direct injection, the Spider has a horsepower of 570 and a torque of 398 lb-ft. The noise from the car is refined with redesigned resonators and an unbelievable exhaust system.

Interior & Exterior

As you slip into the Ferrari 458, you are greeted by the exceptional quality of leather upholstery, stereo and air-conditioning system. But you’d be drawn to the so many features that can help you personalize the car more – the electric seats, satellite navigation, parking sensors and other cool stuff that makes the supercar truly yours.

Many of the control systems of the 458 Spider are strategically kept on the steering, akin to the cars used in Formula One. The wiper, engine stop/start, damper adjustment and traction controls are just on your fingertips. The cabin is spacious, even if you are or have tall passengers – up to 4 inches; there’s also enough space for a few luggage as well.

While driving, the body of the Spider protects well from the wind, though you’ll hear the full noise of the engine especially when the retractable top is open, as well as the sound from the large tires.

Safety & Reliability

Given the speed of the Spider, the electronic systems smoothly control excess wheel spin especially when on Race mode. You also get seamless stability and traction controls that monitor your back. Together with its NavTrak, and other conventional safety gadgets, the Spider’s aluminium body also makes crash safe for its driver.

The brakes are great, with the large discs made of carbon-ceramic. The Spider’s visibility is great too on both sides and in front using its clear large mirrors. The Ferrari’s reliability is one of its main strong points, with its solid cabin and glamorous looks; it has everything a modern day super car offers.

eBest Cars Verdict

The Ferrari 458 Spider is expensive though, but its stunning features make it worthy of adulation. It is, if not the most ingenious sports car you can dream of owning.

Supercars don't come cheap and Ferrari 458 Spider is expensive to own and run. However, if you are a Ferrari lover, you will own it no matter what the car reviews state.

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