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With a turbocharger fitted as standard, the Audi TT has good performance from the factory, but this high quality German automobile has the potential for a lot more.

As with any turbocharged engine, there are five areas where performance upgrades on the Audi TT are most effective. If the engine can be supplied with more air, at a lower temperature, can flow as much of that air as possible, ignite the charge at the best time and then get rid of spent gases in the most efficient way, the performance gains will be significant, so much so that other areas of the car such as brakes and suspension will need to be upgraded to match.

ECU Re Map

First on anyone’s list of the best performance upgrades for the Audi TT should be an ECU upgrade from APR. As well as increasing both horsepower and torque across the rev range on a stock TT, peak values are increased substantially. With the APR upgrade the ignition and fuel injection events can be adjusted and set with different programs. The APR Stage 1 upgrade works seamlessly with the Bosch Motronic Engine Management System on the Audi TT and is a perfect foundation on which to build the performance in other areas; as each performance enhancing feature is added, the APR ECU upgrade allows the engine management system to better adapt and extract the most power and torque.

Race Exhaust

A free flowing race exhaust from Milltek Sport is next on the list of best upgrades. This exhaust system is capable of supporting engines making serious power, and features a 4” turbo elbow, 3” pipes and a catalytic converter with 100 cells per square inch density. The race muffler helps to keep back pressure to a minimum.


Wherever air is compressed, heat is generated, and turbochargers are no exception. The hotter the air supplied to the engine, the lower the power output, so third on the list is an upgraded intercooler from Forge Motorsport. Featuring larger cores than the stock Audi cooler, Forge intercoolers keep volumetric efficiency high and help minimize power loss from excess heat buildup.

Turbo Charger

The fourth best upgrade for the Audi TT is a major one and doesn’t come cheap. The APR Transverse Stage III+ system is a complete turbocharger upgrade featuring a Garrett Ballistic-series turbocharger, new exhaust manifold made of Inconel, silicone intake hoses and high-flow fuel injector and fuel pump. This upgrade will increase power on the Audi 225 TT to nearly 400 hp and torque to 360 foot-pounds, without sacrificing drivability.


The last of the five best Audi TT performance upgrades, Schrick camshaft upgrade, builds on the benefits the other four upgrades already provide. A set of German-made Schrick camshafts along with stiffer valve springs and valve locks for the dual overhead cam design of the Audi TT engine will increase valve lift and duration, allowing the larger turbocharger to force as much air into the engine as possible, while allowing the exhaust gas to exit the combustion chamber quickly.

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