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There are so many types of SUV on the market these days, and it seems that every car maker has got in on the 4×4 act in recent years. For many of us, however, the original is always the best, so if you have dreamed about becoming a Land Rover owner over the past few months, here are five very good reasons to become one at the earliest opportunity.

The badge that gives you confidence for the future

We all like to know that we are able to get the best of everything, and when you purchase a Land Rover you can feel confident that you have the finest SUV on the market. There are other models which have come and gone, some of which have proved fashionably popular, but those who are in the know eventually make their way back to the original and the best.

The ruggedness you have been waiting for

Needless to say, a Land Rover is far more than a simple road car that will get you from A to B. It’s an off-road specialist that has been adapted over time into an all-rounder. When you get behind the wheel of one of these, there is virtually no terrain that can’t be crossed. If you want see what it can do, sign up for an off-road day and you will find out for yourself.

The styling that turns heads wherever it goes

Some cars look pretty but prove to be ineffectual, while others look tough but turn out to be as meek as a mouse. With a Land Rover, you have a vehicle that laughs at rugged terrain, yet remains beautifully styled. Its classic lines and distinctive design make it a real head-turner, whether it is negotiating a rugged rally course or being used for the daily school run.

The investment that makes complete financial sense

Any owner will tell you that a Land Rover does not come cheap. These cars are built for the long term, and as such a new or even a used one will set you back a tidy sum of money. The good news, however, is that it will retain much of its value for many years to come. All cars lose value over a period of time, of course, but these will hold their price better than most.

The fun that has been missing from driving cars

One of the most overlooked aspects of owning a 4×4 like a Land Rover is the sheer fun of getting behind the wheel and heading out for a spin. Whether you choose to go on the motorway or to try her out on a few country lanes, you will soon realise that you have been missing out on fun for a number of years.

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