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Ford has been manufacturing some of the best and most popular cars for the last fifty years. During that time, they’ve successfully sold millions of units to satisfied customers all over the world, and so I thought it might be time to take a quick look at their top two best-selling models. Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll learn about the pros of each in the hope of determining which would be most suitable in your current situation. I’ve personally owned both models over the years, and while I currently have a BMW, I’d still consider switching back at some point, as I’ve never had problem with them. In fact, I can’t remember ever taking a Ford car to my local garage….they’re that reliable!

So, whether you’re considering buying new from the manufacturers, or heading down to a reputable supplier like Oakland Ford, take a quick read through this post before you do, and you should be in a better position to make the right decisions. At the end of the day, they’re both great, but just in different ways.

Pros of the Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

Easy to handle – As this is such a small car (you can get slightly larger ones), the Ford Fiesta is incredibly easy to drive. Whether you’re speeding down the motorway or winding through country lanes, this one will serve you well. Light steering improves this also.

Reasonably priced – While they’re not exactly free, compared to similar cars available on today’s market, the Fiesta is actually really cheap. You can get brand new models for less than £10,000, which is almost unheard of for something so small with so much power.

Looks amazing – Nobody can deny that the Ford Fiesta is a seriously sexy little car. Indeed, it always has been. Even the really old models that looked a little like Reliant Robins were still attractive and sleek.

Pros of the Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Speed – There’s a very good reason that law enforcement agencies from all over the world use this car, and that’s got a lot to do with speed. So long as you get a sporty model, these babies can seriously move weight.

Selection – While there are obviously many different variations to most of the Ford cars available today, none are as wide ranging as those available in the Focus. There are no less than eight different sports models, and six different standards, so you’re guaranteed to find something that matches your specifications.

Performance – The Focus is fast, it’s reliable, it’s comfortable, and it’s perfect for families, as it’s a little larger than most Fiesta models. Over the course of a year, it was tested by a major TV car show on various different courses and such, and they determined it to be the best family car ever made, so you are safe to assume it’s pretty good.

Well guys, now you know about the pros of each, I hope you’ll be less confused when it comes to making a decision for yourself. The Fiesta is perfect for single people and young couples, but if you want something to keep the whole family safe, it has to be the Focus.

Catch you later dudes!

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