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With our ever developing technology, it is no wonder that the manner in which our vehicles are built has begun to change as well. Every year it seems that new advances are made in automotive technology to make our vehicles safer and greener. When you take a look at today’s cars of the future, you’ll mostly find vehicles that are focused on additional safety features as well as more environmentally friendly ones too.

External Airbags

While the concept of internal air bags has been around for some time, the cars of the future are being designed to have external airbags. Some external airbags are designed to deploy underneath your vehicle in the event that you get into an accident. External airbags are believed to be quite an innovative concept that may even double your vehicle’s stopping power.


Cars of the future are also being designed with biofibre. This material is much more lightweight than some others, which means vehicles made of biofibre will likely use less fuel. Statistics show that one-third of the fuel used by a car is dependent upon its weight. If this is true, lighter vehicles will thus lead to less pollution.

Alternative Power Sources

Electric engines are another innovative concept in automotive technology. Since electricity is their primary power source, they emit less pollution than traditional gasoline-powered engines. Engines can also be fueled by sources such as compressed air, hydrogen, ethanol and biodiesel. Even solar energy is being considered as a reliable power source.

Improved Dashboards

It is also rumored that vehicles of the future will feature augmented dashboards that are displayed as an overlay on top of your windshield. Therefore, your driving directions, traffic information, fuel levels and other information will all be displayed right in front of you, making these details easily accessible. This may even make the roads safer.

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