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Popularity of the used car market is at all-time high. Millions of drivers are opening their eyes to the fact that it often offers far greater value for money. Nowadays, it’s no longer a decision made from necessity. In many case, motorists now choose this option for personal preference.

After all, travelling down this route opens up your options. You might lose the euphoria of driving away in a brand new car, but that would subside after a few weeks anyway. Going for a previously owned vehicle allows you to get a far better model for your money. In the long run, this has to be considered a far better solution.

Here’s how you can ensure that you use the marketplace like a pro.


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Use A Dealer

Private sellers on Gumtree and other sources might sound like a great idea. But unless you are inheriting a car from your parents, it’s always better to use an experienced dealer.

Aside from the fact you’ll have more options at your disposal, you get more buyer security. Moreover, experts at Currie Motors can discuss your needs as a driver to help locate the perfect vehicle. In many cases, they’ll find a motor that didn’t even surface when you tried researching different models.

Take Your Time

Buying a car is a major life decision, and is not one that can afford to be rushed. As well as assessing your options, you should ensure that the car you choose is the right one by taking it for a test drive.

It’s very easy to let our eyes fall in love with a motor. But your body will tell you whether it’s the right choice for you. Before making any sort of commitment, it’s imperative that you have settled those potential doubts. In an ideal situation, the car will come with a full service history too.

The last thing you want to do is look back on your purchase with regret.


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Just because the car is previously owned, it doesn’t mean that it has to feel that way. A few simple tricks and tips will have it sparkling like new, starting with a thorough clean. This includes clearing the air vents. Gain that brand new car smell, and you’ll be amazed at the results it brings.

Similarly, you can add cool tech gadgets to make driving that little bit easier. Either way, those small improvements can go a long way to building a better relationship.


If you’re going to enjoy your car to the fullest extent, you need to keep it in great health. Otherwise, cracks will start to show.

Keeping an eye on tyre pressure and fluid levels is a must. And you must also know how to react in bad situations, such as using the wrong fuel. In essence, if you look after the car then it will return the favour.

Besides, maintaining the car’s health will ensure that the vehicle retains a better resale value too. If that’s not a fantastic incentive, then I don’t know what is.


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