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We do not allow FREE guest post due to a huge number of Guest Post requests. We charge non-refundable review fee £50 (placing 1 link to your website) for lifetime post. We do allow FREE guest post, if your submission is a real game changer and get us featured on top websites. Guest Post Review Fee is not an advertisement, please visit Media Kit Advertisement page for advertising on eBest Cars.

If you are still interested, please read below guidelines.

If you want to contribute something informative about new cars reviews, new technology, car facts, Auto Insurance, or classic cars reviews and car news views please Register we will be happy to have you as a guest blogger.

Update 19 July 2013

All the External links will be no-follow to meet Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

What Topics to Write About?

You can write about car news, Automotive news, suv reviews, reviews of new cars, sneak peaks, Auto Insurance, and any new technology that will be used in new models of the cars.

How Do I Contact For Guest Blogging?

If you think you can write at-least 700 words post, you can contact. 99% of the Guest Posts are rejected because of incomplete author bio. Every post must have 100% unique and properly written content without any spelling and grammatical mistakes.


Submit your post for review (No Links allowed inside Body & all links are no-follow).

You must fill complete Author Bio to place 1 link!

Guidelines Explained

1. Minimum word count must be 700 words

2. Unique and well researched content.

3. No Copies, Re-writes of material.

4. No Grammar, English Mistakes and Must be in UK English.

5. We reserve the right to accept or reject any post and remove attribution links any-time.

6. All content will be manually approved by our editors

7. No links are allowed withing Body! Only 1 link in Author Bio.

8. If you like to advertise, please visit Advertising Page.

9. Our 90% traffic is from UK only and we only accept information related to UK.

10. Make sure you fill complete author bio so that you can place your bio and link (1 link allowed).

11. Submit relevant image of 800×600 with your Guest Post, please do provide source if you are not the copyright owner.


We are now accepting Used Car Reviews, Used Cars Guide, Used Cars.  We appreciate any addition you have related to our blog especially if you are a car lover.

Advertisers are welcome to submit Guest Posts and buy advertisements on our website. Only one link is allowed inside the body (choose wisely). .

We welcome you to be the part of eBest Cars UK.

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