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Do you remember the days of the iconic BMW M3? Thanks to the German car maker’s model name shakeup, you aren’t able to get a three-door 3 Series M3 convertible anymore. But the good news is that the M3 convertible lives on – just under a different model range!

BMW has moved across its 3 Series three-door models to the new 4 Series. So if you wanted to get a three-door high-performance convertible, you’d need to look at the BMW M4 instead! Confused? Don’t be. The firm haven’t got rid of the “old” M3 entirely. They’ve just designated it a different badge!

The BMW M4 Convertible offers a broad range of features and motoring luxury likely to tempt anyone into the BMW fold. You might think that buying a convertible luxury sports car is pointless in the UK. But… We do have some great summer months in Britain, and that’s what owning a convertible is all about!


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There is plenty to love, admire and drool over the latest generation BMW M4 Convertible. If the previous paragraphs haven’t convinced you, let me give you some reasons to go out and buy one today!

The car’s exterior looks fantastic!

There was once a time where BMW cars got stereotyped as being models for business people. Yes, many of the models they produce today are still aimed at company executives and the like. But they also market their cars at those who want stylish, luxury AND high-performance vehicles!

BMW is keen to attract buyers in market segments not traditionally associated with the brand. Take the 1 Series, for example.

They offer compact luxury vehicles to those that are all fed up of driving around in a Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra. The 1 Series also boasts performance as well; you only have to check out the M135i models!

Getting back on topic, are you in the market for a beefy convertible? If so, I urge you to consider the BMW M4 Convertible for your shortlist. Just take a walk around it, and you’ll see why so many people think it looks incredible.

What’s not to love about the imposing air intakes and familiar kidney grilles at the front? Or the sporty contours of the car’s body, in general? Even the mirrors look great. They feature LED indicators to ensure your safety on the road. And LEDs last longer than conventional bulbs.

One thing I love about the exterior of the BMW M4 Convertible is the retractable hardtop. It can automatically open for you when you do speeds up to 12mph. That means you don’t have to spend time taking it off by hand.

BMW say that it also offers safety benefits. You aren’t likely to find such advantages in a dearer sports car like a Ferrari, for example!

As standard, the BMW M4 Convertible comes with 18-inch “M” alloy wheels that have the familiar “V-spokes.” You have the option of upgrading to 19-inch “M” alloys with double spokes. The optional wheels can get coated in a Ferric Grey or Black colour – the choice is yours.

Car geeks will look on in envy. Apart from the stylish alloys, they know your car comes with a carbon ceramic braking system as standard. If they drive sports cars, they will doubtless come with standard discs!

It has more technology than you can shake a stick at

BMW is a market leader when it comes to innovation. All of its current models feature a plethora of technology not usually seen on most cars. For instance, take the key fob. It lets you open the boot of the car without so much as pressing a button! You can also use it to open and close the hardtop when you are near to your pride and joy too.


Image via Flickr

As you might expect from a current BMW model, the M4 Convertible features superior exterior lighting. Adaptive headlights come as standard, helping you to light up the way in poor visibility. That’s also thanks, in part, to the bi-Xenon lighting technology used.

I was looking at prices of used M4 Convertible models last week (yes, I’ll admit it; I am tempted to buy one too). One guy on the Big Motoring World Review website commented on how extraordinary the lights on his M4 Convertible are!

When you live in a country like the UK, your car needs to have some decent headlights. Random fog patches in the air can occur even on an otherwise clear, sunny morning. And thanks to government cutbacks, many roads and motorways have no lighting on at night!

Let’s face it; halogen lights are old technology. Some cars today still feature them because of their low cost. But when you’re driving a powerful car like the BMW M4 Convertible, you need to know that the road ahead of you is clear.

Luxury is high on the priority list in the BMW M4 Convertible

The interior of the BMW M4 Convertible features an array of creature comforts. They are ones that all drivers and passengers will love. Aside from the comfortable leather seats, the dashboard features driver-centric controls.

You get the iDrive and ConnectedDrive services as standard. The 8.8-inch touchscreen display serves as the hub for this high-performance vehicle. Of course, there’s more to luxury than tech gadgets.

For example, the Air Collar offers warm air around your neck and shoulders when you’ve got the hardtop down. And there’s also a wind deflector to stop your face and head from freezing when driving at high speeds.

High-performance is at the core of this model

The BMW M4 Convertible comes with an “M TwinPower Turbo” engine. It’s a straight six-cylinder 3.0-litre powerplant. From a standing start, you can reach 62 mph (100 kph) in just 4.3 seconds.

You have 431 brake horsepower on tap. No-one can suggest that the BMW M4 Convertible is a slow sports car! At the heart of the engine is a twin-turbo setup that uses direct fuel injection. It’s of a lightweight construction, which helps to make the car more powerful than its predecessors.


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