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BMW has earned an iconic status in the automobile industry thanks to its award-winning designs and precision engineering. The quality and workmanship are apparent in every model that comes out of its assembly lines. The BMW X5 is no exception. It is one of the German car maker’s earliest attempts at creating a SUV and came as a response to the Mercedes Benz M-Class. The series is now incredibly popular among motorists who wish to get the best of both worlds: luxurious comfort and rugged features. Owners appreciate the cargo space inside the vehicle as well as the provision for carrying large items on top.

Cargo Boxes

People can install a BMW X5 roof rack quickly and easily. These are specifically crafted to fit the dimensions of the car and align with the grooves. Every model has its own particular rack type. Durability is not an issue as they are made out of aluminum high tensile tubing so it can readily take on heavy loads. Those who are transporting lots of stuff from one place to another can place them in large cargo boxes and fasten these onto the rack. This method is perfect when moving to a new apartment. If the car interior is already filled to the brim then owners can use the roof for additional containers.


Professional cyclists and hobbyists alike often travel great distances to remote places just to ride their bikes. The BMW X5 is perfect for traversing rugged terrain in the backcountry to get to national parks and hidden trails. However, bikes can be fairly bulky and it may be a struggle to fit one inside the car. Some people manage to do so by taking the wheels off temporarily but this will require cumbersome assembly later on. A good solution is to set up a bike attachment for the roof rack so as to secure the machine at the top in one piece.

Skis and Snowboards

During winter, people and families flock to ski resorts to enjoy the powder snow. It’s something that kids of all ages look forward to all year. The trip can require a ton of gear which may not all fit in the car but that is not a problem for the X5. Specialized ski attachments can be fitted on the roof rack to hold onto the equipment while going up the mountains. These will secure skis and snowboards so people can be confident of placing them on top. Using these attachments also helps to keep the interiors clean and dry. To find roof racks and other car accessories, browse the Internet and search on United BMW Online.


Summer is the perfect time to go to the wilderness for camping, fishing or kayaking. Kayaks are definitely too large to fit inside most cars but they can go on the roof without much of a problem. Most hobbyists use their roof racks to transport their gear from the house to the edge of lakes and rivers. The system is safe and robust. The kayak attachment on the BMW X5 roof rack fastens things down firmly to prevent wobbles and inspire confidence even when navigating challenging terrain.

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