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Driving for a living can be one of the most satisfying jobs available and as such, this form of employment has proved to be increasingly popular across the UK.

Find out below exactly why so many people decide to take on a driving job.

Earn a decent wage

While salaries start at around £18,500 per year, drivers can earn up to £32,500 once they qualify to drive large heavy good vehicles over long distances.

This means that while you might start on a modest salary with no qualifications, except a standard driving licence, there are opportunities to significantly progress, so you can earn an above-average wage compared to other jobs. However, on 15th July there are change in rules for motorcycles, Lorries and buses. Make sure you read UK Government driver & vehicle licensing agency news.

Visit new places

“The grass is always greener on the other side” is not a saying most drivers would subscribe to. This is because they are always on the move and seeing new places across the country and beyond.

Many drivers don’t just deliver goods and packages in their local area, or even only across the UK. Some get to enjoy foreign travel on the European Continent, Scandinavia and the Outer Hebrides.

So if you have itchy feet and are always dying to see new sights, then a job in driving could be for you.

A Sense of Freedom

You aren’t chained to an office chair all day. During the best of times it’s just you and your vehicle in the open highway with none of the worries and stress many office and retail jobs suffer from.

There are no nagging customers or office managers looking over your shoulder all the time. Instead you will be free to concentrate on the simple pleasure of driving your car, van, lorry or one of the Great Wall commercial pickups to and from your destinations.

No Office Politics

There’s nothing worse than the petty squabbling that office workers manage to indulge in, despite having lots of work to do.

Whether it’s a power-mad boss or a bitchy secretary who makes your life hell, you can be sure that the feeling of the warm wind coming in through the open window is better than the hum of air-conditioning.

Be Your Own Boss

Eventually, once you have the cash, you might want to start-up your own business. You could simply buy your own vehicle and advertise your services, or you could buy several vehicles and hire staff to drive them for you. Once you know how the delivery business works, you could build a driving empire and retire in a wealthy position one day.

Driving Jobs Salary

We have calculated average income of truck drivers in UK. You can estimate the earning and saving if you are planning to find a driving job in UK. We have gathered salary data so that you can find the benefit of driving jobs. It will give you good information on your decision for choosing a profession and for savings.

Truck Driver’s Salary Data Survey

Job Region Surveyed Median Salary in £
Fork-lift / truck drivers United Kingdom



Average Truck Driver Salary in GBP

average truck driver salary in gbp, British pound 2013

Percentage Salary Range for Truck Drivers in UK (estimated)

truck driver salary range in UK GBP 2013

*Data may not be accurate because it is researched based on data available online on various websites. Due to variation in data, we have calculated average salary for Truck Drivers in UK in GBP £.


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