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Review of: Honda CR-V 2014
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Bunny Punia

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On August 8, 2014
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Overall, the CRV 2014 is a family-oriented, reliable, hardy and safe car, though slightly higher up on the price range. Nonetheless, a good bet indeed.


Honda has sold over five million variants of the CRV since its launch in 1995, but of them all, over 190,000 have been in the UK itself. It is therefore quite justified to say that the CRV brand is one of Honda’s leading cars being sold every day. Released in the early part of 2014, the new CRV is perhaps the best in this range of family-oriented SUV’s on the marketplace today.

The latest Honda CRV is much more sensitive in aspects of colour and design, but one needs to choose a brighter hue if they want a more striking look. The UK versions have a differently designed front end to accommodate the higher speeds of the roads with a front and rear LED lighting. Let’s look at some of the key components the Honda CRV 2014 has to offer:


Space: The Honda CRV 2014 is an all-rounder but it works better on-road than off, also providing great family transportation facilities thanks to its huge cabin space fit for five easily and a huge boot that boasts of 589 litres of space. What’s more the one-teach system lets you fold out the rear bench easily for extra space, adjust the headrest and allow the backrest to lay down in the empty space as well. But even without it, the car has enough space to hold an entire a lot of luggage. Though this model is 5mm shorter and 30mm lower than its predecessors, this doesn’t have any negative impact on the overall cabin spacing, leaving both front and rear room which you can use easily with its flat floor design. The manual handbrake up front helps to maneuver yourself easily even in the confined space and you also have a large box space and cup holder under the armrest.

Comfort: The interior looks streamlined and neat and though the seats are a tad bit on the higher side, the feel is way more comfortable and not at all van-like. The driving seat has multiple adjustments for steering wheel and seating to suit your preference and the smooth leather upholstery is also a welcome sight for the eyes. However, as mentioned before, once the CRV leaves city roads, the passengers will definitely feel slight bumps and thumps and even a slight wobble if the roads are bad and the speed is high. As for the engine, it is quite a smooth affair during warm up, except the two diesel variants that make some noise when the engine is warmed up.

Design & Layout: The Honda CRV 2014 has a crisp, clear and concise design. The overall layout is also pretty chic and easy to use, with large dials and a clear speedometer right across from the driver which is flanked by several smaller but clean-looking dials along with those for engine temperature and fuel level. The console is also equally crisp, with well laid-out function controls. However, the satellite navigation screen does become a tad confusing with the number of buttons surrounding it. Also, the heater has a single button for selecting air-distribution levels and you have to keep pressing it until you find the right combo, but at the same time its position on the top of the dashboard is easy to see, along with a clock that can be changed into analogue or digital as per your choice. Overall, the interior of the Honda CRV is neither sleek nor fancy, but it is solid, hardy and reliable, just like the car itself.

Driving Experience: Ease of driving and a competent overall experience are the plus points, but the bulky sides and the CRV’s large size can make parking a tricky feat. However, the more expensive models come with parking sensors which will definitely enable an easier parking experience. The car is easy to drive other than that. Except the smaller diesel engine model, the other CRV’s have a four-wheel drive, which means unless you’re driving on a slippery or rough surface, you won’t feel a difference. The downer is that the steering is precise, but can feel bulky and top-heavy to anyone driving for a lengthy period.

Efficiency & Reliability: The diesel variant is definitely the one you are looking for in case you seek fuel efficiency, and the smaller diesel one gives an official average of 62.8 mpg. But neither the larger diesel engine nor the petrol is as efficient. As for reliability, Honda is usually strong in this area and has an impressive record giving a 3 year, 90,000 mile warranty.

Safety: Euro NCAP the crash test organization gave the CRV five out of five stars when it comes to safety. With a full set of airbags and crash systems that stop skidding and spinning the four-wheel drive is an added advantage. However, winter tyres must be added during heavy snow fall. For an added price, you can also avail the ‘Advanced Driver Assistance System’ with its cruise control system that automatically signals you to slow down if the car gets too close to a vehicle in front of if it senses a car too close behind you.


Image Source: Gaadi

Overall, the CRV 2014 is a family-oriented, reliable, hardy and safe car, though slightly higher up on the price range. Nonetheless, a good bet indeed.

Bunny Punia, is the author of this article. He is journalist and automotive expert in India, and the head of content for the automotive website Gaadi.com.

Overall, the CRV 2014 is a family-oriented, reliable, hardy and safe car, though slightly higher up on the price range. Nonetheless, a good bet indeed.

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