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On October 20, 2011
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Honda Jazz Hatchback is a good car that offers a lot of interior space. The resale values are strong. However, steering and handling isn't impressive.

The Honda Jazz Hatchback is one car that offers you a lot of space even if its size is quite compact. Our review is based on analysis of various car reviews published online for Honda Jazz Hatchback. Resale values are really strong and the reliability offered is quite high. The only real problem stands in the fact that it will be a little noisy on a motorway and handling is not that great. Some of the versions are going to be little expensive and the hybrid model will not go under 100 grams per kilometer barrier. Honda Jazz is also available in hybrid model, which gives excellent economy ratings. However, Honda Jazz Hybrid is high in price.

The new Honda Jazz Hatchback is really successful due to the fact that it improved on the original model in terms of space, equipment and versatility. It is more economical and quicker, being easier to drive while turning in a circle and offering very good visibility. We have two petrol engines that are offered but there is no diesel so if you want a diesel you are better off looking somewhere else.

The biggest strength is that Honda has made the interior more refined than previous models. It is basically huge and really practical. We are in front of a really good family friendly small car. This model even won the 2011 ECO car award. This is because it is cheap and offers really sensible running costs while giving buyers reliability and a strong dealer support.

Honda Jazz Prices

As with any car around, prices do vary. The cheapest model is the 1.2 S, which costs £11,295 pounds. The most expensive model is the Hatchback 1.3 IMA Hybrid HX-T, which costs £19,305.

Power and Performance

We appreciated the fact that the least performance filled model is quite quick when compared with past versions. There are different choices available for you in terms of engine power so you should spend some time to see exactly what you want to invest in. For instance, the 1.2 liter model is capable of accelerating to 62 mph in 12.5 seconds, which is an improvement of 1.2 seconds when compared with the last model. The 1.4 liter model is capable of reaching the same speed in 11.5 seconds. Both the engines are going to feel better when driving. The standard gearbox with 5-speeds manual transmission. You can also opt for an automatic 6 levels gearbox.

Driving the car feels better now, and this is really important as the last model was a letdown. The wheelbase is longer and wider, and this offers a lot more comfort while on the road. It will still be firm and a little less smooth than the competition, but it is still an improvement that has to be taken into account.

Interior and Exterior

The Honda Jazz model has managed to evolve, and we can say that the interior is definitely comfortable now. It can attract buyers, and the engine noise will not be as strong as in the past. Every single model will be equipped with air conditioning, and you have good passenger room for every single person that will be inside the car.

The boot is larger when compared with most of the cars that are in this class. The minimum capacity offered is of 400 liters. There is extra storage offered in the 1.4 liter models, and we still have a lot of versatility in rear seats.

Safety and Reliability

Honda Jazz received a good rating from Euro NCAP, scoring 5 out of 5 possible stars. This is quite impressive as not many models manage to do this. Every single model in the line will come equipped with 6 airbags and a very useful electronic stability control. Isofix is standard and whiplash injury risks are diminished.

Talking about reliability there is not much that can be said. The original model was really good from this point of view and we have absolutely no indication that this is not going to be the same. You are also covered with 90,000 miles or three years warranty.

eBest Cars Verdict

The bottom line is that the Honda Jazz Hatchback is an improvement from the past model. It is really good and offers many improvements that need to be taken into account. It will not be as good as some of the other models that are offered by the competition but it do gain a lot of points when referring to style and driving comfort. The running costs are cheaper, yearly tax is reduced and vehicle excise duty depends on CO2 emissions. Honda Jazz green credentials are impressive with 125g/km with 1.2 litre and 1.4 litre i-Shift. The fuel consumption is greater than 50mpg. It is a perfect car for everyone desiring comfort, value for money and style.

Honda Jazz Pictures

Honda Jazz Hatchback is a good car that offers a lot of interior space. The resale values are strong. However, steering and handling isn't impressive.

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