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Those who need a new car have a tough decision to make. There has never been such a selection available and finding the right one is not a simple job. You might be one of the people who base their opinion on the colour and attractiveness of the vehicle, but I hope not. There is much more that you must consider. Your lifestyle is the most important deciding factor; a Smart Car might not be the best choice if you spend your days driving up and down motorways, for example.

If you need a few tips, read on. Here is how to identify the best car to suit your lifestyle.

Town Or Motorway

As I mentioned previously, you might want something more luxurious than a Smart Car if you spend endless hours cruising the motorways. Mid-range saloons are up to the job; think perhaps about an Audi A8 or bottom of the range Jaguar. Yes, we would all love the best model but most of us have financial constraints.

About Town

Town driving is when the small hatchback comes into its own. Most manufacturers have economical models from which to choose, but the Peugeot 208 is my favourite.

Eco Warrior

The Toyota Prius has an  excellent track record for reliability and economy. It was the first mass-produced hybrid on the market, and many argue that it is still the best. It makes sense to own a hybrid if you spend much time driving around town; both environmentally and economically.

Country Life

If you regularly tow a horse box or a caravan, then a 4×4 is for you. There are many models to whet your appetite, but the BMW X5 is one of the market leaders. Its performance and luxury levels can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other manufacturer today.


Are you a keen fisherman or golf expert? Check out the luggage compartment to make sure all of your gear will fit and have room to spare. The rear seats in most hatchbacks fold forwards these days, so you might be surprised by what you can fit in there.

Family Motoring

For a few years, as our children are growing, we must sacrifice sporty vehicles and sexy looks for something a bit more practical. That is not to say that the latest Citroen Picasso and Renault Scenic are ugly; far from it.


If you just want to get from A to B cheaply, you must investigate the service costs and breakdown statistics for the model before you buy it. The guys at saxton 4×4 say that modern cars are incredibly reliable, and if you service them correctly, they should give years of trouble-free use.


Whatever your lifestyle, you need a vehicle that is comfortable. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so check out the legroom and the suspension. High-performance models that are for cornering at speed might not be the best choice for someone with an aching back. Sometimes you must face the reality of the situation.

Though choosing your new car might seem daunting, you will find the ideal model will eventually. It is just one of those things; you know it when you see it, and it ticks all of the boxes. I hope my ideas will help you along the way.

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