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The new Infiniti M Series has it all to attract the attention of UK car lovers. Our review is based on various Infiniti M Series car reviews published online. The M Model from Infiniti is trying to be better than some of the premium saloon models from BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz. It comes to the table with a very good set of technological add-ons although there are just 2 engine options that are available. This basically means that your choices are limited.

In the event that you are thinking about running costs you might want to consider the diesel option although when referring to emissions and fuel economy the performance is lower than what the competition has to offer. Infiniti M is not famous in UK as it is in USA, but the new look is surely unique.

We can say that there are some problems but this is one car that should be considered as it offers suitable performance and a good automatic gearbox with seven speeds. In the event that you are searching for a left-field model then the Infiniti M series is something worth considering.

Infiniti M Prices

Prices will vary based on the model and variant chosen. The cheapest option available is the Infiniti M Series Saloon 3.7 V6 37 GT, which costs £38,540. The top price is featured in the Infiniti M Series V6 3.0 S Premium. For this model you will need to pay £47,680.

Power and Performance

When thinking about engine choice the M series makes it really easy. We have a diesel engine and a petrol engine. The V6 3.0 diesel alternative is basically the same one you will find in the EX model. It offers 235bhp and can reach 62 mph in just 6.9 seconds. This is a very decent engine that offers proper competition to the German competitors.

The petrol engine is a V6 with 3.7 litre capacity. It offers 315bhp and comes as a little quicker than the diesel option. It can reach 62 mph in 6.2 seconds. If you are looking for performance, then you will most likely pick this engine. Both models come with rear-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox. However, the S variants do have steering paddles that will allow manual speed changing.

Interior and Exterior

We can say that we are in front of the same comfort level as the luxury counterparts and the noise intrusion is small. The diesel choice will be a little noisier, although it is not that unpleasant. When referring to wind noise, this will only be a problem when using the S model 20-inch  wheels. You can easily find a comfortable driving position, and many movements is offered by the seats. It will be a little strange to use the electronic controls, but you will get used to it pretty fast.

When compared to the rivals, the M Series is just a little behind if we analyze carrying loads. Diesel models offer 450 litres while the petrol version gives you 500 litres. It is easy to open the boot though, and you can easily close it without any problems while gaining access to decent storage space. In addition, the build of the car is great, and you will have clear visibility while driving.

Safety and Reliability

The M Series is filled with safety equipment offered as standard and both the drivers and the passengers will be properly protected. Every model includes a standard of 6 airbags and there are also active head restraints that protect against whiplashing. The premium models include even more safety features.

When talking about reliability, possible buyers can expect the same level of quality that is standard with Nissan. We are definitely in front of one car that is reliable. There are some problems that might appear but the first-class service that is offered by the dealers will more than make it up. You might even think about the breakdown novel assistance, which covers drivers and not cars.

eBest Cars Verdict

The Infiniti M Series does not actually offer much, but if you buy a model, it is a guaranteed that you will stand out of the crowd. This is one car that is very well-equipped and, the performance is very good. Infiniti M does have a classy interior, and the car is for those that looking for alternative to luxury brands with similar features. The only real problem is the fact that both the diesel and petrol versions are more expensive than the competition. In addition, it is a little more costly to run with 37.7 mpg fuel economy. Green credentials are improved, but not so impressive with emissions of 199 g/km of CO2. The handling could be a little better, but it will not be a problem for most people.

Infiniti M Pictures


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