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The new 2010 Jaguar XF ranks in top in out rankings and performance. This particular rating is determined by our own evaluation of different published reviews and test drivers data of Jaguar XF. The new Jaguar XF possesses a unique style and design. An interior full of high tech gadgets, a set of extremely powerful engines plus a stylish shape differentiates it from more comfortable luxury cars.

The Jaguar XF has changed its traditional retro inspired design and now with an aggressive, coupe style shape outside and high tech components inside. There are so many features in Jaguar XF like an ignition button that pulses until you push it to fire up the engine. There is also a stainless steel rotary shift dial, which comes out of the consol to driver hand when the car engine is started. These features make Jaguar XF to stand out from the luxury cars.

Jaguar XF has sporting performance and there is no V6 engine. The Jaguar XF comes with extremely powerful V8 engine or an asphaltic supercharged V8. There is one disadvantage that no all wheels drive option in Jaguar XF, but expected in 2011. If you need an all wheel drive car with a good grip, BMW 5 Series is the best option. However, other cars might not attract you in front of Jaguar XF. The Jaguar XF is available in four different trims and one trim added for 2011, the luxury model, premium luxury, and the supercharged model.

Jaguar XF Price

Average Paid: $46,617 – $71,628, MSRP: $51,150 – $79,150, Invoice: $46,547 – $72,027

Jaguar XF Ratings:


Jaguar XF Performance: 4.5 (Very Good)

Jaguar XF Exterior: 4.7 (Very Good)

Jaguar XF Interior: 4.5 (Very Good)

Jaguar XF Safety: 4.8 (Very Good)

Jaguar XF Reliability: 3.0 (Average)

Power & Performance:

Jaguar XF is a powerful car with V8 engines that makes Jaguar intentions to challenge the competitors. Other rivals are focusing on V6 and optional V8, but Jaguar has completely given away the V6. The data shows that the buyers choose V8 and the supercharged V8 version. Reviewers say the handling is awesome, but no AWD option is a serious drawback for XF.

The fuel economy is not so much impressive, but considering the V8 powered engines it is about average. Jaguar XF results show 16 mpg in city and 25 mpg on highway, on the other hand, supercharged models have 15 mpg city and 22 mpg highway.

The Jaguar XF is available with 4.2 litters V8, which produces 300 horsepower. And a supercharged extremely powerful version of the same engine, which produces 420 horsepower and an impressive sound that makes you feel proud. Jaguar XF normally drew out engine makes the car real quick. The supercharged version makes Jaguar XF a sports car. We recommend the supercharged version if you are looking for powerful performance. The car is also fuel efficient with supercharged V8 engines, which is surprising.

Jaguar XF features six speed automatic transmission for both the models with a steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for manual shifting. Jaguar XF looks like a powerful muscle car with modern and stylish designing. Amazingly, it is a great car with superb handling like a small sedan car with impressive grip. There is so much to expect in 2011 model as the year is coming to an end.

Interior & Exterior

The interior of the Jaguar XF is attractive, and it is loaded with high tech features. The seats are very comfortable and high quality materials, but the cabin is specially designed to impress everyone. There are attractive heartbeat sounds and start stop button pulses when you enter the car or close the door. When you push the start stop button a nickel shift dial rises from the console in your hands instead of a lever. There are small targets built into wood trim pieces to open the glove box or turn on the overhead lights.

These features are appreciated by many people and reviewers. The front seats are extremely comfortable and supportive for long drives or even on rough roads. The car design makes the rear seats a bit cramped specially for taller people. The high tech gadgets offered in Xf are not found in any other luxury car, which impress the reviewers The electronics functions are also not difficult to understand as compare to other systems offered in other rivals. There is often questioning about Jaguar reliability, but there are so many offerings in new XF to prove it the reliable car. There is 17.7 cubic foot of trunk space is offered in Jaguar XF, which is the largest.

Safety & Reliability

There is no data available on Jaguar XF crash testing. However, Jaguar XF features a number of quality safety equipments. There is side and full length head curtain air bags, which comes as standard safety equipment and these are anti whiplash protectors. There is Electronic Stability Control System and four wheels anti lock disc brakes as standard. The supercharged version also includes a blind spot monitor, which is very helpful. Some of the test drivers find rear and rear side visibility difficult.

The Jaguar XF is the reliable car and now Jaguar is offering platinum coverage plan in new models 2011, which is an added advantage. It features 50,000 miles or 5 years warranty with complimentary schedule maintenance. There is also no cost replacement for wear and tear equipments, which worth a lot. There is also 24/7 road assistance offering for 2011. It also includes recommended factory schedule maintenance. Now with all these reliability offerings, Jaguar XF is the best luxury car to consider.


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