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The all new 2011 Jaguar XK ranks top in super luxury sports cars list. Our review is based on our analysis of Jaguar XK and data available on official Jaguar website. XK is Jaguar’s racing heart, which offers aggressive performance and excellent driving dynamics makes it a great cruiser. Jaguar XK offers breath taking performance, advance technologies and sporting luxury. Jaguar XK combines outstanding performance and exquisite attention to detail. The Jaguar XKR is supercharged to offer pure sporty drive that you can expect from every sports car.  Jaguar XK perfectly engineered driving dynamics makes it a pure sports car. The automatic transmission is controlled by Jaguar Drive system, which is beautifully designed control that rises into the driver hand when you push the start button.

Jaguar XKR Review

Jagurar XK Coupe and Convertible

Jaguar XK is available in two trims Coupe and Convertible. Here to mention that R models are having a supercharged engine that increases overall performance. Jaguar XK Coupe looks fast and elegant comes with 5.0 litre V8 or 510PS supercharged. Its attractive athletic build and strong muscular rear croups exudates visual energy that makes it more seductive. This visual energy is specially designed and created by an aluminium skin stretched, drawn tightly over the shiny surface, yet inviolable and immensely inflexible body structure that gives the XK its remarkable legerity. It’s the energy that originally comes from the XK’s extraneous material and purity of unique design, with graved surfaces created to pass through the air with aerodynamic efficiency. Jaguar XK delivers the visual promise of sportier handling, breathtaking performance and driving excitement.

Jaguar XK is for buyers looking for a luxury sports car with pure performance. The more sportier and powerful XKR is a perfect sports car. The curve of the side windows depicts the Jaguar design and attention to detail. You can upgrade the XKR that comes with a black pack and speed pack. The speed pack increases the total speed to 174mph. We would recommend buying Jaguar XKR with a speed pack for pure F1 like performance. You can check BMW 650i and Mercedes-Benz SL 550 as alternatives.

Jaguar XKR Review

XK Pricing; (After including 20% VAT)

XK 5.0L Coupe: £62,380

XK 5.0L Convertible: £68,380

XK Portfolio 5.0L Coupe: £68,380

XK Portfolio 5.0L Convertible: £74,380

XKR 5.0L Supercharged Coupe: £76,380

XK 5.0L Supercharged Convertible: £82,380

Power & Performance

Jaguar Xk is a good performer and a perfect sports car for every sports car lover. However, the XKR is the real deal with 5.0 litre supercharged petrol engine available in both convertible and coupe. The 5.0 litre V8 XK also will satisfy most of the sports lovers with 0-60mph just in 5.2 second for the coupe and 5.3 second for convertible. Jaguar XKR is a beast that shows 0-60mph just in 4.6 seconds for both coupe and convertible. Jaguar XK and XKR have a top speed of 155 mph, but if you upgrade the XKR to speed pack, the highest possible speed increases to 174mph. Fuel economy is also about average as compare to other sports cars with 16.5 (17.1) mpg/litre/100km in urban areas for all XK models. High performing XKR burn more fuel with 14.9 (18.9) mpg/litre/100km in urban area. Jaguar XK 5.0 litre V8 produces PS 385 with 380 lb. Ft of torque. XKR supercharged engine produces PS 510 with 461 lb. Ft torque. All the models come with 6 speed automatic Jaguar Sequential Shift transmission, which is a fully adaptive shift system that delivers smooth and fast gear changes for optimum performance.

Jaguar XKR Review

Jaguar XKR has many features standard like Jaguar Drive Selector, Adaptive Dynamics, Dynamic Stability Control System, Jaguar Drive Control, Active Differential Control, and XKR speed pack (optional). The braking system is also worth mentioning because braking system was developed in Jaguar research facility in Nurburgring racetrack in Germany. There is Emergency Brake Assist, which automatically activate the ABS to increase pressure. Jaguar handling is also smooth tested on Nurburgring racetrack. It shows good cornering at high speed.

Jaguar XK, XKR Ratings;

XK Performance: 4.5 (Very Good)                            XKR: 4.7 (Very Good)

XK Exterior: 4.6 (Very Good)                                       XKR: 4.7 (Very Good)

XK Interior: 4.8 (Very Good)                                       XKR: 4.8 (Very Good)

XK Safety: 5.0 (Excellent)                                              XKR: 5.0 (Excellent)

XK Reliability: 4.4 (Good)                                             XKR: 4.4 (Good)

Interior & Exterior

Jaguar XK and XKR interior is luxury and plush with high quality materials used. You can choose between seven different interior trims and leather is used extensively everywhere. Leather is offered in two grades Bond grain and Soft grain. There are many standard and optional features like Sport seats with Bond Grain leather facings, XKR Soft grain Sport seats with R logo and contrast switch, Jaguar Suede cloth Premium Headlining (Coupé only), Active ventilated front seats – heated & cooled, Leather steering wheel, Heated leather steering wheel with integrated controls, and Burr Walnut leather heated steering wheel. XKR is loaded with most advanced high tech features like dual zone automatic climate control through which you can control by navigation screen.

Jaguar XKR Review

Jaguar XKR exterior is specially crafted and liked by everyone. The aerodynamic shape and visual energy made with aluminium. Some of the exterior features include heated windscreen with timer, attractive XKR front bumper with chrome upper and lower mesh grilles, Active Front Lighting with dynamic pivoting headlamps, Quad exhaust tailpipes and Bonnet louvers with supercharged scripts.

Safety & Reliability

There is no crash test data available because most cars at this price and with all the luxury; are not crash tested. However, there is a long list of safety features that ensure passenger safety. Some of the safety features include Anti lock Braking System, Roll-over Protection System (Convertible only), Emergency Brake Assist, Airbags front and side, Front and rear seat belt pre-tensioners, Adaptive Restraint Technology System, and for maximum protection Front seat whiplash reduction system.

Jaguar XK and XKR is the reliable sports car to drive protected with Jaguar limited warranty. It comes with 50,000 miles or four years warranty. There is also six years corrosion protection warranty. Contact your local dealer to get exact warranty and service data. Without any doubt Jaguar XK and XKR trims are a perfect sports car. If you are a sports car lover, Jaguar XK won’t let you down.


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