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Based on different car reviews the brand new 4×4 jeep Compass developed on iconic design, boldness as well as all-season driving fitness. Jeep Compass is actually remodelled for 2011 along with couple of modifications: a good up-to-date exterior as well as a good optional available off-road four wheel feature.  Jeep has a great overall performance, practically economical, nicely outfitted, useful and strong appearance. The brand new edition, nevertheless, has the appearance from the much more strongly designed Great Cherokee as well as functions with much better selection of motor engines.

The 2010 jeep Compass exterior design didn’t appear tough as of Wrangler and 4×4 Jeep Grand Cherokee. New 2011 model has a bigger look. Its exterior is redesigned as of Jeep Grand Cherokee. The jeep Compass fights within tough landscape is actually installed along with inexpensive interior materials. Nevertheless it possesses two positive things i.e. an excellent fuel consumption for that class along with a low cost associated with $19, 295.

The car reviews will help in buying car resources to make informed decisions The jeep Compass offers two accessible off road features with regard to 2011 model. There is a feel for smooth driving which provides a 4WD and additional grip on tough landscape. Jeep has enhanced tugging energy, Slope start and Slope Ancestry Manage control along with a trail rating for grip, manoeuvring, floor clearance and water crossing.

Jeep Compass Price

Trim Price
4×4 2.0 Sport 2WD £16,995
4×4 2.0 Sport + 2WD £17,995
4×4 2.0 Limited 2WD £19,595
4×4 2.2 CRD Limited 2WD £21,595
4×4 2.4 Limited 4WD £21,695
4×4 2.2 CRD Limited 4WD £23,595
4×4 2.2 CRD 70th Anniversary £23,995

Jeep Compass Rating

Performance: 4.7 (Very Good)

Exterior: 4.3 (Good)

Interior: 4.5 (Very Good)

Safety: 4.9 (Very Good)

Reliability: 4.2 (Good)

Value for Money: 4.7 (Excellent)

Power & Performance:

Four motor engines can be found in the jeep Compass. Purchasers and buyers should go through different Car Reviews for the selection of the 156bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine, the 168bhp 2.4-litre petrol or perhaps a 2.2-litre diesel-powered engine within 134bhp or even 161bhp. The majority have manual transmission, in addition to the 2.4-litre petrol has automatic CVT transmission — however this is prevented, if you don’t require a automatic or even petrol four wheel drive, since it lowers the overall performance. The petrol engine motors tend to be sleek as well as peaceful, as the diesel engine provides greater pulling power when cruising. The 134bhp edition speeds up to 62mph within 11.5 seconds, as the 161bhp edition run within 9. 8 seconds – nearly quicker compared to each petrol engine choices.

Jeep Compass is designed to provide the perfect mixture of overall performance as well as fuel energy effectiveness, this particular gear-less program constantly changes to deliver the perfect condition for driving. The end result is actually sleek, receptive movement within town and city traffic as well as strong energy on hillsides or even whenever towing. Jeep is equipped with Auto stick feature

Interior & Exterior:

Usually present in more costly automobiles, the interior associated with 2011 Jeep Compass brings together comfort as well as brand new backlit power window, switches and door locks together with lit cup holders. Brand new soft-touch door panels as well as centre armrest console which increases the sensation with extravagance. The remodelled brand new Jeep has three spoke steering controls functions which helps to run stereo, luxury cruise control manage along with other automobile features whilst maintaining hands properly on the steering wheel.

Jeep Compass has a good improved interior Premium craftsmanship with increased soft-touch factors with regard to additional comfort and ease. A brand new high-level modification includes regular processing such as: keyless entry, air conditioning, mirrors, locks and power windows. It has room for four adults but five passengers can be adjusted. Jeep Compass features a good exploratory as well as eye-catching variety of regular tires. It provides outstanding ride with overall high performance in all conditions using its improved guiding as well as suspension program. Its sophisticated styling in exterior refers to iconic design, boldness and long lasting capacity

Safety & Reliability:

Utilizing state of the art technologies which continuously screens steering wheel placement, this feature helps prevent steering wheel lockup throughout instant braking circumstances, helping to preserve car manage control. Front and rear drum brakes are with ABS system which are standard throughout front wheel drive in north and sport edition. In four wheels drive models Off-Road ABS function assists to enhance car braking performance on areas such as grime, tiny rocks, and fine sand as well as on dirt.

The vehicle has a great selection of security gears such as side impact supports, front, rear and multistage airbags, anti-lock brakes, digital balance control as well as electronic roll mitigation (ERM) system which maintain the tires raising from the ground throughout serious or even incredibly elusive movements.


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