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There are certain things you should never go without in your car. You need them for your safety, and the safety of your family. In the cold months, when cars are slightly more cranky, you need them even more. Conditions mean breakdowns happen far more often. So you need to ensure you use the right kind of equipment to see you through these bad situations. You may already use some of these, but others you may not. So stock up on them and put them in your car so you are left feeling safe and secure.

Spare Tyre

You should always use a spare tyre if one bursts or splits. It can stop the wheel being damaged or having an accident. Cars mostly come with spare tyres these days, but keep an eye out because if you buy second hand it may not. You should check them before each journey, if they are damaged or under tread depth a company like Wiltshire Tyres can put new ones on for you. You should never go out without a spare tyre and the equipment needed to change it out for a new one.

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Phone Charger

If you break down, you’re going to want to keep your phone charged so you can speak to someone who can help. These days, most cars have outlets that enable the charging of phones. Just remember to take the relevant wire with you so you can charge it with no fuss. It’s better than walking in the rain or cold looking for a phone you can use. Put one in the glove compartment and you’ll forget about it until needed.

High Visibility Jacket Or Vest

If you break down on the motorway you aren’t allowed to stay in your car. So, standing on the side of the road when not visible can be dangerous. Take a high visibility jacket with you just in case. This way other motorists can see you. It is the safe thing to do. It certain countries, like France, this is the law.

A Torch

You’ll need a torch if you break down during the night. Street lights only get you so far. Using a torch means you can see the engine area or the area in which you are waiting for a mechanic to come out and help. They make standing in the dark much easier and hazard free. You need to get one that is decent and emits powerful light so that you can see properly. One that converts into a lantern is a safe bet because you can place it by the engine to cast light over what you are doing. Remember to keep spare batteries too just in case.

Oil And Water

In muddy conditions you may need to top up your windscreen reservoir. Or, the oil light might come on during an inconvenient time..Keeping these two vital liquids could help you out when you most need it. Just put them in your boot and you’ll always have them at hand when needed.


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