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VW Parts Vortex, a genuine Volkswagen parts dealer, has recently unveiled a map that shows every production plant from all corners of the world. This interactive map allows users to click on each individual pin to learn interesting information about the plant it represents. Learn about the number of employees that work there, what each plant specializes in, how big the structure is, and other interesting facts about the individual locations.

Most Notable Plants on the Map

Chattanooga, TN, USA

This Tennessee plant represents the United States production center of the popular VW Passat. Open since 2011, this plant spans around 2 million square feet and is capable of producing 150,000 cars a year.

Puebla, Mexico

Production home of New Beetles, Jettas, and certain Golf variants, the Puebla plant has been making VW models since 1964. Outside of ones in Germany, this VW plant is one of the largest in the world, covering nearly 3 million sq. meters.

Silao, Mexico

Found in the southern part of Mexico, the Silao plant opened in January 2013 as the 100th VW plant location. This location specializes in TFSI engines and has the capacity to produce 330,000 of them per year.

Anting, China

The Anting VW plant is one of the biggest auto assembly plants located in China, and is also one of the most important VW plants in the world. This location produces Polo and Passat models as well as other VW models, and employees 19,171 employees.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Built in 1991, the Bratislava plant produces Touaregs and Audi Q7 models as well as gearboxes for several different models of Volkswagen and AG brands.

Dresden, Germany

This ultra unique VW plant is made entirely of glass. Covering just over 290,000 square feet, this location opened in 2002 and specializes in the VW luxury model, the Phaeton.

Emden, Germany

The Emden plant is positioned near a vehicle loading hub that moves over 1 million automobiles yearly. This plant is capable of producing 1,200 cars everyday with just over 8,000 employees. More than 18 million VW Passats have been made at this location.

Learn about other VW plants and their operations when you visit this informative map.

volkswagen automotive plants map


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