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The world’s first upscale compact hybrid hatchback that offers more luxury and more performance — is all new affordable Lexus CT Hatchback.

Don’t go at company’s spiel as Lexus may want the tagline of the “world’s first compact hybrid hatchback” but the fact is that CT Hatchback is the most affordable way to enter into Lexus brand. According to reviewers, it is the manufacturer’s avenue to entice “young” drivers and to impede them leaving the Lexus family. The all new Lexus CT hatchback is a small luxury car that offers plenty of positives such as low running costs with well appointed cabin but it lets down Lexus in certain key areas. Undoubtedly, CT hatchback is one of the best members of Lexus family, in-short a dynamic Lexus that is not sporty at all.

Lexus CT hatchback Although the appearance looks sporty and electric boost is given to engine for the added performance that astonishes the motorists as it is still dolefully slow. Manufacturer promises for a small hatchback with hybrid tech that means low emissions, high mpg and ultimately low bills. Lexus has blended luxury features, premium build and thrifty engine to come up with something unique. Lexus is usually known for its comfortable & quiet drive, punchy engine and luxurious cabins but this time engineers experimented something new. They sacrificed comfort in the pursuit of swift and sporty handling but majority of Lexus fans looks for comfortable drive. Lexus CT hatchback is a dynamic and fun to drive vehicle which is ready to set new benchmarks with its edgier outlook and tranquil interior.

Based on different car reviews, you can also consider the Audi A3, Audi A1, Volkswagen Golf and GTI as worthy competitors for Lexus CT. However, they may not fall in the similar class, but are high performing hatchbacks.

Lexus CT Price

Lexus CT Hatchback starts at £23,485 and Lexus CT 200h SE-L Premier £30,635

Power & Performance

Lexus CT hatchback lacks oomph, although it is powered by 1.8 litre petrol engine with 98bhp and a 82bhp electric motor, which makes it an affordable car in a premium package. Whereas affordability is not everything, the current market is all about competition. Performance is a major part of today’s vehicle package where CT hatchback lacks behind. The petrol and electric hybrid engine is sluggish and unresponsive whereas its rivals are at good level with standard equipments and well-finished interior. If you are willing to compromise on few things and your priorities are low-driving costs over a driving dynamics vehicle, there is no reason that you won’t prefer Lexus CT hatchback. Lexus CT

The hybrid engine of Lexus CT hatchback generates 134bhp and allows car to 62mph in 10.3 seconds. At urban speeds Lexus CT drives smoothly due to instant power transfer through automatic CVT gearbox while at higher speeds engine seems like juggling up. Three power modes are offered in this Lexus model: Eco, Normal and Sport, latter of which comes up with most power. In short if you are not a hardcore driving enthusiast then Lexus CT hatchback is one of the best options for you in this price tag.

Interior & Exterior

Do you want to be cosseted inside the vehicle? The interior is well-finished and gives the premium feeling. Lexus’ designers have managed to provide the feeling of space and safety altogether. A fine mix of materials such as plastic, leather and chrome is used to give it a superb touch. Without sat-nav, you will definitely appraise the smart and well-ordered dash that is fun to use and lovely to look at. Whereas, with sat-nav Lexus’ ambiance becomes ultra-frustrating as it adds extra level of complexity to the simple functions. It comes with eight airbags, EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and traction control system.

First impression of this car is of a car built to meet the highest quality standards. Like premium interior, the exterior of Lexus CT hatchback is well-carved. Lexus is a brand that is known for its refined vehicles, CT hatchback is not exception to it. The angular lighting, fine trimmings and badges on the grille make Lexus CT hatchback immediately distinguished and recognisable. Vehicle comes with alloy wheels and it is one of the most aerodynamic cars in this class.

Safety & Reliability

Lexus has been enjoying the reputation of reliable vehicle since long and Lexus CT hatchback continues this tradition. Without any practical test, if you want to know how reliable this CT hatchback is, just look back at the Lexus reliability record. Safety statistics show that safety is quite good as it is equipped eight airbags and several other features such as anti-lock brakes, brake assist, traction control and vehicle stability control. These attributes make it one of the most reliable and safe vehicle. Lexus CT hatchback is also designed to score five-star rating in the car crash test. The complete warranty information for UK is not available in documented format but as per our information Lexus provides a basic warranty for the first four years or 50,000 miles of CT hatchback ownership. CT hatchback is priced pretty competitively so get your hands on this vehicle as soon as possible.


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