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The all new Lexus GS Saloon is the new alternative for German made vehicles. Our review is based on our own analysis of various car reviews for Lexus GS Saloon and data available on official Lexus website. The new Lexus GS Saloon is a very interesting alternative for people that want to look at something else but the 5 Series from BMW. However, Lexus was never a brand that was common. It was more tailored for people that are looking for different things and who want to stand out of the crowed. The new GS is refined and really well equipped. It basically stands out as a great alternative that has many standard equipment features included.

The Lexus GS includes a lot of high quality technology and we can even buy the GS450h, which is a hybrid. It will use an electric motor but only when you want to. The regular petrol engine is still there but you can switch between them when you want. This allows low CO2 emissions.

One problem that you might find to be huge for you is the fact that there is no diesel motorization and the petrol versions are not actually economical. However, Lexus dealers are offering a high quality service that is hard to match.

Lexus GS Prices

As you surely expected, the Lexus GS Saloon is not a car for those that are on a tight budget. The cheapest option is £44,615 pounds in the Saloon 450h SE 4dr model. The most expensive model is the Saloon 450h SE-L (ACC/PCS+SR), which will cost you £52,015 pounds.

Power and Performance

Everybody knows that Lexus is a brand for those that are looking for luxury. You can expect the engines to be powerful and large. Even the entry level is impressive and can get to 72 mph in just 7.2 seconds while reaching a top possible speed of 148 mph. If you are thinking about buying the most powerful Lexus GS model, you should know that it is just as fast as the Porsche Cayman as it can reach 62 mph in 5.8 seconds. It should also be added that economy is better now, and the CO2 emissions are lower.

The Lexus GS engines are now focused on offering comfort while on a long trip. The acceleration between 50 and 70 mph is as fast as that until 62. You might want to know that the hybrid model is going to recharge its electric motor when coasting or breaking, but the consumption is until worse than with some diesel models at the same price range.

Interior and Exterior

The Lexus GS seats offer a very good support and they are quite soft. The leather upholstery comes as standard on every single model except the base one. In the back we recommend that you only put 2 passengers as the one in the middle will not have much leg room due to the extras added inside the vehicle. Even so, it will be a comfortable trip for the other too. The stereo system is of a really high quality and the sound insulation is superb.

What you might not like is the fact that the boot present on the 430 and 300 models is a little hard to get to although it is quite large. In any case, it will basically close itself when you want it to and if you do not need much space then the 450h will be ok for you since the rechargeable batteries are going to take out 150 litres of space.

Safety and Reliability

Lexus GS received the 5 star crash-protection rating from Euro NCAP and 4 stars rating when referring to child protection. The safety kits will include 10 airbags, stability and traction control, ABS and even seatbelt pre-tensioners. The top models in the series will include crash-sensing systems that will utilize adaptive cruise control radar. The entry and the start are keyless as the car will sense you approaching.

Talking about reliability is something that is really easy to do since Lexus is really popular due to this fact. Even the hybrid system is really reliable and the technology is quite a good addition.

eBest Cars Verdict

There are some pros and some cons as to buying the Lexus GS but the bottom line is that this is a wonderful car if you can afford it. The problem is that it is a car that will be expensive when using it as company car and the seats could be better. It comes with a lot of luxury equipment and the price tag is not as high as it could be. You are likely to get good Auto Insurance rate on your Lexus GS 450h and 350h. The green credentials are not so good with Lexus GS. You can visit Aviva Car Insurance for best deal on latest or used Lexus GS Saloon.

Lexus GS Pictures


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