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Lexus is a car brand whose models have adorned the streets of Britain since the early 1990s. The Japanese car maker is a luxury car subsidiary of Toyota. The brand’s aim is to take on the German “big three.” I am, of course, referring to Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. All three sell luxury cars.

The only trouble is, Lexus haven’t made much of a dent in the luxury car market. After dwindling fortunes thanks to the global economic crisis, they want to put their name back on the map again.


25th anniversary

In September 2014, Lexus will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Japanese car brand has been through some difficult trading conditions during its lifetime.

There are plenty of plans afoot to grow the brand. Lexus wants to show its German rivals that it is a serious contender for the top spot in the luxury car market.

In a recent news article, Lexus stated that they want to strengthen their brand and keep most of the production of its models in Japan. It says that it can expand its model lineup by doing so.

The company had a recent party in Tokyo to kick off the launch of its latest SUV, the NX. More than 300 individuals from various industries, including fashion, attended the exclusive event.


You might be wondering why the Japanese firm invited people from the fashion industry to attend the NX’s launch. It turns out that Lexus want people to know that the brand should get associated with “cool” motoring!

Let’s face it; Lexus hasn’t always been a “cool” brand until a few years ago. The cars they made only appealed to business motorists. But with a shake-up in the current model range, Lexus hopes to appeal to more market segments. Examples include younger drivers and those that fancy an alternative to Range Rover.

Showing off the NX

According to Inchcape Lexus, the exclusive unveiling of the NX SUV took place near a test track. Once guests mingled with one another, they could sit inside the new NX as professional drivers took them around the test track.

The aim of doing that was to show off the NX’s performance and handling capabilities. After all, cool cars also need to go fast and handle well!

Volume, quality or both?

It is worth noting that the Japanese firm’s global sales totalled just 523,000. That equates to around one-third of the cars produced by Germany’s top three luxury car makers.

Some industry analysts suggest Lexus plans to stick with domestic car production. That is despite the fact they said they want to shift most of its production to their native Japan. And just to confuse things further, the head of Lexus, Tokuo Fukuichi, had this to say on the subject:

“We will never chase volume.”

It seems Mr. Fukuichi is suggesting that their German rivals concentrate more on volume than quality and luxury. But what we do know is that Lexus have a long, hard road ahead of them if they want a bigger piece of the luxury car market.

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