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With five models to choose from, Scion’s line of cars features something for almost everyone. Pickup trucks may be about the only thing missing from the model line, although the xB and xD feature cargo-hauling space equal to many mid-size SUVs. At the ultra-compact extreme, Scion features the iQ, the company’s take on the super-small urban commuter vehicle. For sporty drivers, the tC and the FR-S offer Scion’s version of driving excitement. The classic xB, one of the company’s original offerings, continues to function in the space between a compact car and a functional wagon, with spacious backseat accommodations and fold-down seats that allow for lugging big stuff when needed.

The Little Box That Could

When Scion introduced its original lineup in 2003, the xA (since phased out to be replaced with the xD) and the xB showed the world how sexy a box on wheels can be. Aimed at a youth market craving a new and interesting take on automobile design and a simple pricing structure, Scion broke into the market in a big way. Not only did the two original boxy compact cars sell well, but they also started a trend, with a handful of other car companies showing off their square style in the following years. Naturally, Scion’s models evolved over the decade in business, so the new generation xB and xD have morphed slightly, acquiring smoother, rounded edges and more features.

Unique Pricing and Features Options

All Scions come with a set showroom price, along with a rich range of standard features that give all the cars plenty of bling right out the door. Consumers have responded well to this bold ‘pure-pricing’ structure that can help to eliminate a lot of the haggling and nickel-and-diming upward of the price that dealers are known for in other car companies. Aftermarket and company-made products are available in abundance to trick out a new Scion, so there is no lack of options for the car buyer who wants all the shiny extra features. Scion tends to lead the way in incorporating new technologies that come standard or can be added on to a new car. The Scion tC was one of the first vehicles to have an iPod player interface many years ago, and the company continues to add new devices and features to make their cars more interactive and more enjoyable.

Sporty Elegance

Within the past few years, Scion has added a new topline model, the Scion FR-S, which takes much of the sportiness and performance of the tC and bumps it up a notch. The tC tends to float the line between practicality and performance, while big brother FR-S is designed to go, and built on a stripped down frame that is lightweight and made for sporty driving, with rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission.

Check Out the Car for You

With the range available from a super-compact iQ that can park in the tightest spaces to the xD that can carry a family in style and the sporty models that can bring up the pulse a beat or two with performance and sleek design, Scion’s line of cars covers the spectrum. There is sure to be a car that fits almost every taste in the cars the company produces.

Scion tC

Scion tC is a mid-range affordable saloon in the Scion line-up. It has muscular looks and offers decent fuel economy with sufficient power. It is one of the reliable and affordable cars available in the market with after sales service provided by Scion.

Most of the car enthusiasts praise the Scion tC and say that if you are not satisfied, you can try the Scion FR-S.


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