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Review of: Lotus Elise Open
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£28,580 - £37,205

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On June 28, 2013
Last modified:July 19, 2013


Lotus Elise is a complete sports car that offers full sensational ride. It has excellent road grip with stunning performance. You will enjoy the sports car at such a low price.

A light car that has set standards for cars that are considered competitors, the Lotus Elise Open offers an impressive ride. The car comes with standard features that make it a darling for many. The car is worth every cent; we can take a ride of the review and make a verdict, shall we?


The engine capacity for the Lotus Elise is quite small; a 1.6-litre 134bhp Toyota engine. This may not be very impressive for the power lovers who need a lot more excitement than the Elise can offer. Compared to cars of this calibre, the Lotus Elise Open has raised the bar with its road grip that is second to none and a breath-taking soft ride. Driving the car makes one feel as if the car is communicating with you. The steering is precise and sharp which gives it an edge over the competition. The flip side is the not-so-stable suspension and driving on the country roads may not be pleasing. This however makes a good urban-town ride. Handling the car especially mid-corner should be done with utmost care. Increasing speed might lift the rear hence topple over and this requires carefully calculated braking.

The Elise’s cabin is quite low and this may not be the most comfortable thing. However, it comes with an optional hard top which doesn’t keep the wind at bay either especially when driving over long distances. The sound from engine throttle is not pleasing to the ear either and this can be frustrating. That notwithstanding, the controls are accurate and well balanced.

Lotus Elise Open Price

Model Price
Open 1.6 Club Racer £28,580
Open 1.6 £29,050
Open 1.6 Sport £30,650
Open 1.8 S £37,205

Interior and Exterior

For a long time the Lotus stable cars have been known to be fragile but the Elise demystified this misconception. The chassis has maintained the rugged aluminium which is quite light without gambling on the stability and the body is may be plastic built but it is still tough like a crocodile’s skin. Although the engine may be outsourced from Toyota the Lotus Elise Open is generally top-notch.

Safety and Reliability

A standard feature that is incorporated in the Lotus Elite Open is the alarm and engine immobiliser. These are safety features that are aimed at keeping unauthorised persons prom accessing your most treasured possession. The safety of the driver and passenger is also kept in mind through the two conveniently placed airbags which inflate in the event of a crash for cushioning. The anti-lock brakes also come as a standard feature and for those who are more passionate may request for traction control which comes at an extra cost of course.

eBest Cars Verdict

For those who have experienced a sports car performance before, the Lotus Elise Open For is quite below par. A number of factors make this verdict for instance you need a lot of space in order to overtake an equally speeding car that may be in front of you on the road. This may frustrate many but for a decent ride around town or the country side the Elise is worth the amount.

Lotus Elise is a complete sports car that offers full sensational ride. It has excellent road grip with stunning performance. You will enjoy the sports car at such a low price.

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